Yo La Tengo @ The Vic


Location:The Vic, Chicago, IL
Yo La Tengo plays the Vic.

Velva, The High Strung, and Capitol Years


Location:Schuba's, Chicago, IL
Jason Wagner's band, Velva, and one of Ade's secret band crushes, "The High Strung" will be playing at Schuba's. It's a Sunday night show, so you'll have to tape/Tivo Arrested Development, but it'll be worth it.

Nolan @ US Beer


Location:US Beer
You've always wanted to go to US Beer anyway, so why not bring your rhym-ed rocking socks on Friday night to see the triumphant return of Nolan?

US Beer is in Chicago. Everyone else can listen to the record.

Contact Nolan

Ticonderoga Rocks Chicago


Location:The Hideout, Chicago, IL

Ticonderoga will be playing at The Hideout in Chicago an April 1st.

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