Nova scienceNOW New Season Drops

on PBS
BLAOW! I actually didn't have too much to do with the segments/reporting on this hour...but it's pretty decent anyway.

Friend of a friend (or: Hey, I know Superman's cousins!)

Location:CBS, on your TV
Tonight on David Letterman, Brandon Routh (aka: Superman, aka: Jarrod and Kateri's cousin) is going to be on (along with Nicole Richie, Ade).

Lab Made Meat and other Jeauns

Location:PBS - Check Ya Listings
Hey Folks. Watch the season finale. I take my first stab at reporting by mocking a well-intentioned environmentalist. Also, a non-hysterical look at Bird Flu and a music video about obscure number theory conjectures.

Nova scienceNOW

Hapsburg Wadsbone!

Location:Champaign/Urbana (sigh)
Happy birthday Bone! Wish we were there to help you tie one on!

Naked Girls With Tattoos

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Location:Logan Square Auditorium - 2539 N Kedzie
I've always wanted to go to one of these Suicide Girls Burlesque Shows (Warning: It's porn, and not work safe, unless you work at nerve.com or 909 N. Leavitt.) I'm not sure how this can be an all ages show. It's possible that they don't actually get naked, which would be unfortunate and surprising. In any case, it might be worth the trip up from Champaign. I don't know anything about the bands.

FRI. 10/21/05 (9:00pm; $13 advance, $15 day of show)

Anybody want to go to Six Flags?

Location:Six Flags, six miles from my house.
I don't have anything to do this Saturday, so I was wondering if anyone wanted to come up on Friday night, get drunk on leftover sleepover booze, and go to Six Flags in the morning. I live mere miles from the park, and it would be fun. I haven't spent all day in an amusement park in a while, and I want to get air-show sunburn.

Anyone in?

Update: We could go Sunday, also. Whichever. Wads and I are going, so you might as well hitch on the cool-train. There aren't many free weekends left before I'm out of my sweet close-to-Six-Flags apartment.

Deadline for Reunion Registration

Location:Grinnell, IA
you can get the application here: http://web.grinnell.edu/development/Reunion/05reunionreg.pdf

Nova ScienceNow Episode 2 - 8PM

Location:Your ocular soculars.
Less Jar Jar this time, we promise! http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/sciencenow/

...Can I get a hit? Hit! Boom bip!

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