a bouncing baby keester

Hey everybody, congratulate our very own Keester on his new son!
Cole Alexander was born this morning. I can't really offer any more details because I only talked to him for a bit. I'm sure more will be forthcoming.

This Particular

This is the rough version of the new format. New galleries and new forum entries will appear on the front page. You can create new forum threads from the 'Forum' link on the top of the page. You'll have to register before you can post either main topics or replies to topics. Anyone can register and post on the site if they have a valid e-mail address. The style is still a work in progress; I'll be continuing to snazz it up in the near future.

If you notice anything weird, ugly, unpleasant, or stupid, post a reply to this thread, and I'll do my best to take care of it. I've been surprised at the level of control that I've got over how things work with this setup, so go ahead post the suggestion, even if it seems a little ambitious.

Note: I suggest changing any of your links to the site to use just '' rather than ''. There's a bug with the cookies when you log in on ''. I'm working on fixing it, but it's going to take a while, and I really wanted to get this out.

daylight ravings time

there are only 19 more minutes of daylight in chicago than in london today. it's the shortest day of the year; 7 hours and 49 minutes of daylight at latitude 51? 30' North; longitude 0? 0' East.

actually, it's much longer than i had thought. but, then, i've got no frame of reference. during the week, i'm on the train toward hemel-hempstead by 7:30 (a half hour before sun rise) and on the train back to vauxhall at 5:50 (two hours after sunset) most of the light that enters my eyes during the course of my average weekday comes from a CRT.

on the weekends, on a good day, i'll be up at noon with 3 hours of daylight left. and i'm not likely to go out during those three hours. i find it hard to get around to putting on my trousers on the weekends (and damn the british for making me say "trousers".)

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