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So, I've been working on an awe-tabulous science show about radical stuff like the neurological basis for empathy, hurricanes and booming sands. ScienceNOW is the new nova magazine show and it's pretty durn good. Throughout production, I often thought about how my science geek Grinnell friends would like it, and tried (when it was within my power) to use that standard as a kind of benchmark. I hope you find it mostly smart, original, compelling and maybe even a bit edgy.

Sparks, we have an accoustics piece, dammnit.

I'm pretty happy with it, so I hope you folks can set your Tivos.

Photos Sud Americano

I've posted some of the better photos from my trip through Colombia, Ecuador and Peru this summer. Unfortunately, a lot of my pictures from the first few weeks in Medellin are still on Charles' computer. Spy them here.

Free Beer With New Registrations

Posted on by Grin:

I want access to jeaun!!! You guys need me to liven things up!!! Open up!!!

I have no idea if this is the REAL Slim Shady, or some shoddy imposter, but I thought I may as well point out that you can register by clicking on the link that says 'Register' in the upper-right hand corner. You need a working email address to register, but if you must maintain your secret identity, you can create a fake email account at yahoo and use that. I don't care about knowing who you are, I just want to be sure that you're not a spambot.

Grin, lurkers, and anyone else not trying to artificially increase the size of my penis are welcome to rock this jeaun.


If anyone noticed that jeaun had gone bog-diesel since last night, it's because I was moving it to a new server. It seems to be a bit faster, and I have a lot more control over how everything works. But, it's entirely possible that I've screwed something up, so if you see anything funny, send me an email, or post a comment to this thread.


I wrote this thingy a while back, but never got around to integrating it into the main jeaun page.
You can add a link URL and a short comment, and it'll display it on the page.

Note: Here's the new URL:

Once again ...

Since it's been a slow few days in JeaunWorld I thought I'd reiterate my request on behalf of my girlfriend. Apartments, roommates, living spaces, etc. in Chicago ... let me know.

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Name that tune

What the hell song is this? It's driving me nuts...

So far, I have not found the science

Have you folks heard any cool/interesting/televisable science news lately? If there is a story or two that you think might make a cool piece, please post it here or shoot me an e-mail. Thanks, nerds! Ha Ha Ha!


Apartment/roommate search

Hey folks. I'm posting on behalf of my girlfriend Margaret, who's moving to Chicago in January and needs a roommate and/or an apartment. Preferably in the Logan Square/Wicker Park/Ukranian Village area. If you or someone you know has similar goals in mind, and isn't psycho, let me know.

I will rock your Friday night.

This is an announcement for my Chicago jeauns who enjoy live music. My new band, Our Friends Electric, is playing at the Big Horse Lounge (On Milwaukee, just east of the Double Door) tomorrow night. The show starts at 9. Be there or kindly be square.

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