Ireland photos ---- I want to complain

Where are all the promised Ireland photos? Anne and Geoff put theirs up, but what about the rest of you guys?

I want to remember my time in the Emerald Isle. Please help.

Art+Design Panel @ Sonotheque tonite


Tonight Interrupt Media is holding a panel discussion on Chicago design/art/media at Sonotheque (1444 W. Chicago). The panel members include the guy from Coudal, some dudes from Gapers Block, and Brian Ulrich, who's one my fave local photographers. It'll probably be interesting, plus there's a DJ set afterwards if you're into that sort of thing. It starts at 8 pm and it's free.

Photos of the Ticonderoga invasion

I've posted approximately four hundred thousand photos from Ticonderoga's Hideout show and affiliated shenanigans in the gallery over in my blog. Enjoy!


Yeah, so, the jeaun is green now, among other changes. I was getting fed up with the minor and major irritations of the old system, so I'm trying again. I'm pretty sure this new system (drupal, if you're interested) is going to both more stable and easier to use than the old one. It's also prettier, in my opinion.

Anyway, I'm sure I've overlooked a few things, so send me some hate mail if something's not working. I'm going to write up some documentation about how to post, how to upload images and all that crap shortly. For now, here's a quick synopsis on how to post a new story to the front page:

First, log in. All the old usernames and passwords should work with the new system. After you've logged in there will be a link in the menu on the top-left labelled "create content". Click that, then select "story". It should be set up to post to the front page by default. Enter a title, select a topic (these are the same as the old categories) write some content and click "Submit". You can use basic html or the BBCode that the old system used.



By Popular Demand...

( ...and by "popular," I mean that Jake mentioned it casually,) I added an event calendar component to the site. There are a couple of annoying bugs that I need to work out, but it's there, and I added this weekend's Our Friends Electric show, the Ticonderoga show and the Gil Matera show. I think there's a party this weekend that could stand to be calendared, and I just made up the times for the rock and roll shows. Mark/Shippy could fix them if they're flawed. Actually, I'm not sure if you can edit other peoples calendar entries. If you guys can't do it, let me know what the times are supposed to be.

Anyone with an account should be able to add events. Just click on the Events link on the top of the page. If you're logged in, you should see an "Add Event" link at the bottom of the page. At this point, you'll see the first annoying bug; there's no border around the editor box, so you might be fooled into thinking that it's not there. Just click in the region and start typing. I'll fix that any minute now.

Molten Khaki Rock


One week before Ticonderoga asserts its titanic visage on the Chicago skyline, the Party Dream will melt your pants off. Plan your life accordingly.

FRI. 3/25/05 (10:00pm; $8) Gil Mantera's Party Dream Van Allen Belt Jah Safe related: Small Change Inscrutable artparty outfit GIL MANTERA'S PARTY DREAM are perhaps one of the most beguiling ensembles around - sincerely ironic or ironically sincere, who can tell? But their interesting amalgamation of campish, vampish departures is compelling, and their live show takes things - and this is putting it mildly - to another level entirely.

"T-Bomb Drops, Millions Rock"

Alright, I was under the impression that my band's album had a "street" date of 3.15, so imagine my surprise when I checked the label website only to find a "Happy Release Day to Ticonderoga" news update dated March 1st. Goddamn. We were even on the front page of Insound yesterday. Okay, so what this means is, although it comes three days too late, the album's out, and you all should get it. You can get it from the label and from Insound, but the best thing you could do would be to go to your local indie record store and order it, because stores determine whether or not to stock an album based on the first two weeks' sales- 54' 40 or Fight! titles should be available at any place worth their salt. Here are some (all) of the initial reviews-sorry about the lack of hyperlinks:

I haven't heard of any of them either, but hey. And we're working on Pitchfork--we'll see.

We're playing in DC and New York and Chicago, and we (I) can't wait to see everyone, and meet Jason's imaginary girlfriend.

[wadsbone: links are now fully hyper]

Kate's Birthday


So today is Kate's happy birthday.

Northside Chicago Jeauns, this is your call to meet us after work (6 PM) at Small Bar (Division St. next to the empty lot between Leavitt and Hoyne). We're going to have drinks after work because that's what friends do.

Friends often give advance notice, but I contend the most fun times happen when we manage to rendezvous serendipitously at the last minute. Don't prove me wrong!

Won't you join us? Thunder Dan Majerle and I promise laughs and

Yeah, more like My-Blonde-Geroga!

Okay, ferst, the website has been revamped. Hope y'all like it. Secondly, your friends Ticonderoga will be playing at the Hideout in Chicago on Friday, April 1st. Suckers beware.


What up Jeaun, MR is up in this bitch. Has anyone posted Ireland photos? I'm looking for nice shots of the countryside and, um, that blissful NYE party in D-town. Any help is much appreciated.

This site is much bigger and badder than I expected. Good work, fellas.

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