Bluff, Gimmick, Or Flaw?

samaritan or sucker?

excuse me, do you live around here?

yeah, i live nearby.

do you happen to know anyone from yugoslavia?

no.. no, i'm sorry i don't.

... why are you so eager to find someone from Yugoslavia?

well, i'm stranded. and i know that someone from yugoslavia will help me. no one will help me.

..i'm sorry, i don't know anyone.

...excuse me, can i ask one more question?


do you think you could help me? i need to get back to manchester. i need 9 pounds for the coach to manchester. this is the second time this has happened to me... they pulled a knife and took my mobile and my money. i came to visit a friend and i can't get home again.

a book to look for....

This article talks about a book called A Theory of Justice by John Rawls. It sounds interesting,... the article describes the concept of a "veil of ignorance" where we (as humanity) come together in a room, knowing nothing about ourselves, our race, our gender, our social position, etc. and we're faced with the task of coming up with a system of rules by which to live.

The idea is that we'd probably be inclined to be as fair as possible... I'll look that book up one of these days. (I

movie cliche of the hour

the cops always have something witty to say when arresting hookers

this one may even have some grounding in reality. i suspect hooker jokes are pretty popular at cop parties. but, then again, almost everything i "know" about cops, i learned from the boob tube. i wonder how much of my knowledge is based on such tenuous sources?


i haven't really been paying attention to this movie as it's been playing, but it's been soaking in as i write. in the credits, it says it's based on The Brothers Karamozov. Maybe I needed to be paying more attention, but I didn't see that at all.

plot summary:
- catholic bishop pushes for more heretic burnings
- man who claims to be jesus reborn slated to be burnt
- bishop reams him out for being such an ineffectual prophet
- jesus kisses him
- jesus burns

first entry

this is a reminder to myself to get a motorcycle, a broken one, when i manage to obtain a stable living place. i'll have to make it a place with a garage,.. or at least a covered porch, and get a pile of tools, so i can make the motorcycle into a non-broken one.
maybe, when i make it grad school,... college town real estate is nice that way.

i'm watching the shawshank redemption at the moment. it doesn't really fit into current music,... i'll have to look into extending this thing.

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