Bluff, Gimmick, Or Flaw?

Big news for Futureworld

The Turkish prime minister declared a non-aggression pact with The Mechanized Entity Collective today in a surprise move that is expected to clear the way for complete cybernetic domination of the middle-east. MEC chairman, Intellect Engine Aki-Zeta, declared: "beep boop beep beep boooooop!"

401 Que?

401(k) plans. Who knows anything about them? For the first time in my life, I am sqatting over the 401 chamberpot, and I'd like to know what to do with it. (Can you smell the loathing?)

What am I supposed to do/arrange/choose to maximize my profits, yo?

(We need a pregunta section.)

This just in: Prince Charles is a wuss.;u=/afp/britain_royal_charles

This story tells about how Prince Charles wouldn't go to a wedding because they refused to seat him next to his girlfriend. True, this doesn't sound so strange for you or me or really anybody normal. But come on! He's the heir-apparent for the throne of Jolly Ole. If he were any kind of real monarch, he would've had the families killed, the hall burned to the ground and the guests branded with a picture of his beloved.

Is it just me, or does everyone else agree that Colin should be their next King?

World Of Hope?

There are a series of articles on Salon with a lot of ideas about what needs to happen for the democrats to take the power back, Rage Against the Machine-style. The article is called Why Americans Hate Democrats—A Dialogue, which is a bit ridiculous, but the articles are interesting.

Interesting point: When the democrats move to the right, the republicans move farther to the right.

Election watch

Maybe I'm just making everyone more nervous, but I thought this would be a good repository for us to admit our anxieties, lodge our complaints, share our excitment, unleash our vitriol, etc regarding today's debacle--er, election.

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Bush's Bulge: Reprise

There's a story on Salon about an analysis of the images of the mysterious bulge under Bush's jacket during one of the debates. The analysis was done by a physicist who specializes in being a big nerd for NASA. He also happens to be a Kerry supporter, but claims this didn't bias his analysis.

It does look like there's something under there. But, I think, judging by his performance in the debate, that Bush still deserves the benefit of the doubt. The "wire" running up his shoulder looks a hell of a lot like his shoulder blade to me. Cover up the rest of the bulge with your hand and it looks perfectly natural. He didn't have any wires going into his ear, and if he had been wearing an ear-piece, I'm pretty sure he'd use better technology than that.

But, there's still the rest of the bulge to account for. Maybe it was some sort of medical device and he doesn't want to admit it because it might make him seem infirm to the fickle voters. It doesn't look like a back brace, though, so I'm not sure what it could be. My guess is that it's the tail of the alien that has embedded itself into his spinal cord and has taken control of his brain. By "accepted Christ," he means "became a host for a hostile alien presence."

The Problem With X

There was an interesting point/counter-point this morning on NPR. Unfortunately, the transcripts aren't available, but the audio is posted on the NPR site:

The Problem With Republicans
The Problem With Democrats

True to NPR form, both of these guys, though unquestionably partisan, give some unusually cogent arguments. What do you think?

Note: They played "The Problem With Republicans" first.

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Math Against Tyranny

I've had a drunken discussion or two recently about the electoral college. I recalled an article I had read that made a very interesting article explaining how, mathematically, the electoral college system increases the value of an individuals vote. Most people that I talk to think the electoral college is completely asinine, whereas I, after reading this article, think that it is only somewhat asinine.

Don't trash talk the EC again until you read this article.

Why Tuesday?


There was a piece on NPR this morning about a number of controversies in states throughout the US. Apparently, there are rules on the books in some states that require ballots cast in the wrong district to be thrown out, other states allow them to be counted.

Some argue that allowing out of district votes would be a logistical nightmare, and should be disallowed. The counter-argument is that people who work in a different district than they live end up unable to vote because they can't get back to their district in time to cast a ballot.

It seems reasonable, for the sake of holding orderly elections with timely results that people should cast their ballots in their home district. But, it's also not fair to disenfranchise those who are forced to work during the voting hours. (I suspect, unfortunately, that we'll be hearing that d-word a lot over the next month or so.)

The real problem, in my opinion, is that we hold our elections on Tuesdays, right in the middle of the work week. In a country that has trouble getting half of it's electorate out to the polls for presidential elections, why on earth do we hold elections on such an inconvenient day?

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