Bluff, Gimmick, Or Flaw?

roll back 300 years of progress?

Here's a nice little article about banning the teaching of evolution in Kansas. What the hell is going on in this country? When you have senators questioning the separation of church and state and fundamental systems of government... there's a real problem here. Can someone please tell me this is going to go away? Pleeeeeease?!?!??

Jarrod's cousin-bulge

Jarrod's cousin Brandon has been saluted by comic book geeks, film buffs, and now GawkerMedia's porn imprint, Fleshbot. And here's an extreme close-up.

Jason but you can call me Sex Machine

I just spent about a half-hour talking to this thing. She thinks my name is "Jason but you can call me Sex Machine", has some interesting views on the sixth commandment, and thinks I should become a botmaster. I can't believe how entertaining it is to talk to an imbecile.

Chat with A.L.I.C.E.

Happy 4:20 everyone

Happy 4:20, all.


High-speed Dance Dance Revolution kid juggling three pins

Link! Via BoingBoing.

Jaysus. Who knew Joe could do that?

Damn privacy rights

How fucked up is this:

Mr. Dinan: You've been talking about going after activist judges since at least 1997. The [Terri] Schiavo case gives you a chance to do that, but you've recently said you blame Congress for not being zealous in oversight.

Mr. DeLay: Not zealous. I blame Congress over the last 50 to 100 years for not standing up and taking its responsibility given to it by the Constitution. The reason the judiciary has been able to impose a separation of church and state that's nowhere in the Constitution is that Congress didn't stop them. The reason we had judicial review is because Congress didn't stop them. The reason we had a right to privacy is because Congress didn't stop them.

Okay, what's up with reunion?

So Chris K and I have been batting about reunion strategies. We would like to build in a few Chicago chill days, if possible - so what's a good plan? I favor post-reunion chilling - even if that just entails sitting around on Monday and Tuesday distracting Aden and puffing L's (things I have a lot of success with.) So, any feelings? Should we try and build in a paintball excursion? RL concert? Soul blade tourney (I'm looking at you Taki.)?

Chronic herbs

Most of us who know Wadsbone have at one point or another heard him espouse the benefits of the legal herb salvia divinorum. A few of us (i.e., me & Ade) may have even tried it with him last spring whilst listening to Stereolab. As I recall, the effects were somewhat underwhelming. Today on his blog, infamous man of letters Neal Pollack writes about his own experiences with the drug. Apparently it worked quite well for him. What do you say, Wads? Should we give it another t

Bluff: Blogs and Stories

Okay, a flaw has been encountered. Shippy is the first non-me to post on this jeaun, and he posted a new "blog entry" when he really wanted to post a "story". They look pretty much the same, but there's one important difference; stories are automatically posted on the front page, but blog entries aren't.

So, if you want to post to jeaun the way it's always been done, create a story. If you want to have a personal blog, separate from the main jeaun listing, you can do that by adding blog entries. You can see all of them by clicking on the "blogs" link at the top of

One word at a time story, Part II


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