Bluff, Gimmick, Or Flaw?

another fun flash doo-dad that I felt was too special not to share.

I saw this on Stumbledupon and it's another fun time killer.

Build a punk song flash game


This is a gimmick, but it's a fun 10 minutes.

Kaleidoscope thingy

girl brained on camera for religious edification?

Ok, so in fact she was brained because her community had some racist insane morons who would be better off in lockdown. This story made me crazy. Reading it was bad enough, but the video is totally unbearable. I'd recommend you NOT watch it. The article explains it pretty well. Yazidi girl falls for Sunni boy... Sunni boy falls for Yazidi girl... mindless Yazidi mob brains girl with chunk of cement. Read the article before continuing on...

Simple Economics II

Choose Your Comptroller Carefully!

Hey, did everybody vote today? You're almost out of time if you haven't. Get on it.

I wrote about the Champaign voting experience on chronicd. Incidentally, I've been posting every day so far this month in honor of NamblaRhymo, and I plan on continuing, so you should read it and leave comments to make me feel loved and respected.

Please, everyone get on the phone and help America

To those of you that read this that have blocked my e-mails because I'm an obnoxious spamming jackass:

President Bush has pledged to release an unclassified version of the April 2006 NIE that has some conclusions about Iraq and the war on Terror. This is good, but thats not all there is.


This morning at TPM we got word that in addition to the already reported April Iraq/Terrorism NIE, there was another NIE exclusively on Iraq.

We talked to various Hill sources who confirmed its existence. And then Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA), ranking member of the House intel committee discussed the report and called for its release at an event at the National Press Club.


I just got this from keester. These guys are ridiculous.
check it

Grand Theft Auto, guns, hoes and cars Its the best way to be the gangster we pretend we are...

Separated at birth?


So I was party-shuffling my way through another iTunes work day, and McLusky's Rock vs. Single Parents came on. "Shit," I thought. "Why don't I remember this Reverend Lovejoy song?"

Is it just me, or does Falkous' voice sound exactly like Win's when singing that song? It's right here, for the sake of reference. Don't steal it, or

Ask A Ninja: Question 14 "Ninja Gifts"

The weekly podcast of a question-answering ninja. I would like to elaborate, but the only explanation comes from watching...

Watch Video - Ask A Ninja: Question 14 "Ninja Gifts"

Oh Grandaddy, We Hardly Knew Ye

So maybe none of you care, but one of my favorite bands is evidently done after their next album release in May

True, given the date of this it seems like old news. Pour a little love out for Grandaddy. It might be a good thing. Maybe the group will mushroom into like 3 or 4 awesome bands.

I guess they won't be at Pitchfork this summer. I'm having trouble understanding why bands I like don't get the fact that they have to put out music until I die and then they can break up. Do you guys find bands ignoring your narcissistic worldview as well?

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