To Flex, Perchance To Front

note to self:

If you're not on your way to becoming a veterinarian in 6 weeks, you'll be dead.

morning shower thought of the day

"um,... maybe this is the wrong time to bring it up,... but i think i left my anaconda in the back of your honda."

morning dreams

i just woke up from a dream...

i don't remember the first part of the dream very well, it involved borrowing a gigantic spliff from a therapist, ostensibly for my cat (who had a disgusting gaping wound on it's belly, but was batting around a wadded-up piece of paper anyway. the cat was actually fine, it just looked revolting and scary), but, actually to give incentive to my employees, who were engaged in some sort of illicit work. i don't remember what they were doing, but it was dodgy, and extremely secret; life-and-death sort of secret.
i wish i remembered more of this part; it was a long, involved espionage saga, though it never ended. it somehow merged into...

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