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My favorite illustrator is Quentin Blake. He has illustrated a great number of Roald Dalh's books. Blake also wrote a kids book called "Snuff", which I love.

It's not about tobacco.

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Not Quite Funkyzeit

I was certain that Ali G has risen to the level of popularity that would not allow him to get away with his shenannigans any longer.

I was wrong.

TV prankster Ali G, a k a Sasha Baron Cohen, is at it again. Posing as one of his hilarious aliases, Kazakhstan journalist "Borat," the British comic nearly incited a riot while singing the national anthem at a rodeo in Salem, Va., the other day. Cohen-as-Borat claimed he was filming a documentary and convinced organizers to let him sing the "Star-Spangled Banner" to show his appreciation for the U.S.A. Speaking in broken English, Cohen told the crowd he supported the war on terrorism. "I hope you kill every man, woman and child in Iraq, down to the lizards," Cohen declared. "And may George W. Bush drink the blood of every man, woman and child in Iraq." After warbling what he said was his own native national anthem, Cohen proceeded to sing a butchered version of the "Star-Spangled Banner," ending with the words, "your home in the grave." By then, he was drowned out by boos and getting flipped off by the crowd. "If he had been out there a minute longer, I think somebody would have shot him," attendee Robynn Jaymes told the Roanoke Times. Rodeo producers, who suddenly realized they had been hoaxed, escorted Cohen from the building.

I demand to know the truth.

Where did the Double-Tongued Word Wrester Dictionary category come from, and how did you come across the Words of the Year page?

There's a non-PDF version here, and I think my favorites are

cliterati: collective noun, feminist or woman-oriented writers or opinion-leaders

tomacco: noun, a hybrid of tomato and tobacco, which happens to be poisonous

assoline: methane used as a fuel

Is this an even MORE evil plot?

This sure got my attention today:

U.S. patent leader IBM said it plans to donate 500 patents for free use by software developers, marking a major shift of intellectual property strategy for the world's top computer maker and a challenge to the technology industry.

The IBM (IBM) move is meant to encourage other patent holders to donate their own intellectual property in order to form what the company refers to as a "patent commons," a modern twist on shared public lands set aside under traditional laws.

As the leading provider of computer services, IBM also stands to benefit from helping other companies make use of new technology developed under the open licensing program.

The donation coincides with an announcement by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that IBM topped the list of annual patent recipients for the 12th straight year, with 3,248 patents -- or 1,314 more patents than No. 2-ranked Matsushita (MC) of Japan, known for its Panasonic brand.

Neerd Alert!

Who can guess what this is:



Geordie LaForge's Grillpiece: Point/Counterpoint

As per a recent discussion with Wadsbone about the Star Trek character Geordi LaForge:

The actor LeVar Burton played the character Commander Geordi LaForge in the television show Star Trek: the Next Generation. LaForge required the use of VISOR, as he was born blind. Occasionally on the show, like when the pro-Romulan faction in the Klingon civil war tried to set him up with unconscious programming to kill a Klingon and create an interstellar incident, he would end up taking the VISOR off briefly. His eyes were completely white.

My belief, both as a child and now, is that Burton would roll his eyes up into the back of his head for these short durations.

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I had to flex ...

Invention Convention

I hate scraping the frost and snow off the windows of my car more than Shippy hates grocery shopping. What would happen if I put a sheet of plastic over my car? Would the frost collect on the windows anyway, or would the plastic protect the glass surfaces?

Why don't we have plastic shields that fit over the windshield and back window of a car? Unless the ice or snow was very thick, this would be much quicker and easier than scraping off windows.

Do you drink coffee like a maniac?

At the risk of sounding trite, hackneyed, and grammatically incorrect, I drink way too much coffee.

AP flex

My new favorite thing to do is to check "LearnThis" from the menu bar, read a random Wikipedia entry-

and search out at least one typo, grammatical error or puntuation mistake. Being wiki, I can make instant changes which makes instant happiness.

Tell me, is this dorkier than a sweater with Captain Kirk's face on it? I can't tell.

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