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Off the richter cutness

OK I have resisted the urge to be a typical new parent and deluge anyone I even loosely know with baby pictures.... But I can resist no longer. ;~) Blame Graver because he got Cole such cool shirts.

[img][/img] The back of the shirt says "output" with an arrow going down ;~)
[img][/img] Tell me this aint the cutest picture you seen in a while?!

WTF d00d, stay off the wild mushrooms!

Hubble: Fuck me! Pretty much all the other galaxies are running away from us like we’re a stinky kid in a playground. I wonder if it was something we said…
The Universe: *pets Hubble*
Hubble: Buuut, if they’re all rushing away from us, then surely they were all in one place at one time.
*thinks a bit*
Crikey, I bet it was quite warm and squashed having all those galaxies in the same place. Hot and dense, like a box of FHM models. Mmmmmm, FHM models…
Mrs Hubble: *twats Hubble one with her handbag* Stop thinking about FHM models and get back to your astrophysics.
Hubble: *sigh*
The Universe: *pets Hubble*
This is from a sort-of Cliff's Notes version of A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking. I'm sure all the physics geeks in the room will think it's pretty rad. The rest of you will get no such guarantee, because I cannot comprehend your primitive minds.

Read this thing!


I know we had a thread last season for Deadwood and a lot of you were watching it so I have been shocked nobody has talked about this new season yet. It is leaps and bounds better than last season so for those of you who liked it last year and forgot about it, jump back on the band wagon trust me you will like it.

You Grows Up and You Grows Up

Jake made it onto section 1 of Lifehacker.

Checka out.

Pope FAQ

I've had a few conversations about the pope, choosing a pope, papability, and papal caps over the past weekend. I've repeatedly tried to explain, very poorly, the process for choosing a new pope. So, here are a few links to explainer articles about the pope and his minions.

Ancient Plan Love For Tim

When Tim was in Spain for a semester, some jeauns wrote a serial story about what we thought it might be like for him over there using our VAX plans. While going through some old files, I found my archives of the plans that I had written including my portion of the story. I don't suppose any one else saved that story? I'd love to hear the rest of it again. Tim? Ade?

Here's my portion of the story:

Sunday Gets Google Juice

A recent post on Sunday's blog was posted on the front page of LifeHacker.

The Lifehacker post: link
Sunday's post: link

Who likes pussy?

I have a friend who's leaving Chicago for New York, and can't take her cats to her new place. She's trying to find a home/homes for them, but is having little luck. I didn't really care until I saw photos of them. Now I'm suckered in. Any takers?

St. Patrick's Day

In the spirit of Shippy's latest blog post, I'm adding a thread for stories about St. Paddy's day stupors or non-stupors from the past, present or future. I have an epic story of St. Patrick's Day in Kent , Ohio featuring Sheive as an "Anal Cop", 20 hours of continuous drinking, and a secret chamber of weed.

Anyone else have any classic tales of Jameson-fueled hootenanny?

College basketball office pool last minute help

I have an office pool with a $250+ kitty. Anybody have any good feelings about this?

I googled myself some help, and took the's bracket verbatim, except letting Illinois get farther - now that they're my alma mater.

How do we feel about Gonzaga? Hm? Could they go all the way?

If anybody comes up with any good tips, you'll get a cut of the haul when I win.

(oh - by the way, my bracket is due by end of today.)

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