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So I just defended my PhD thesis. (Sort of. I actually defended it on Friday, but was in no shape to post on Jeaun for most of the weekend.)

I have minor typographical, etc. changes to make to the dissertation itself, and then I'm done! My last official day in lab will be next Friday the 20th. I get about two weeks off, then start the last two years of med school on July 7th with Pediatrics.

Goddamn, but does it feel good to be done w/ my PhD. I never thought that it would end there for a while.

Googly Eyes

Straw Poll

Just want to throw out some stuff that's been on my mind. I know it's early but the race for the 2008 nomination has gotten into full swing. I feel like going ahead and throwing out my predictions right now. Besides, jeaun has been too quiet.

At the risk of looking like a motorcycle-obsessed jackass...

I got in what will probably be my last trackdays of the season this past weekend. I may go back on Friday, but probably not. My best lap time, 1:44, was 14 seconds off of the race pace there, but since this was only my 6th track day, and only my second time at this track, I felt okay about that. And finally, an action shot of me! This is from when I was being "chased" by an instructor (note the yellow jersey over his leathers) who was checking me out to qualify me for the intermediate group.

Good, good times.

Motorcycles are awesome.

I played hooky on Friday to go out to Grattan raceway in Belding, MI (near Grand Rapids) for a track day/fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3-day walk. As an added bonus, a few Hooters girls came out to serve us lunch. They were skanky as skanky can be, but I guess that's what you should expect from Hooters Girls.

I ran my first day in Intermediate, so I didn't have to stay in the groups like one does in Novice. The only rules are pass safely, and leave at least an arm's length between you and any other bikes. I had one guy try and pass me with less than a foot between me and the outside of the track, and one of my buddies on a faster bike stuffed me into the first corner off of the front straight when his bike dropped into a false neutral, but other than that, no close calls.

Caption Contest #23

 Look Both Ways

Best Place to Be Ironically Hit by a Bus: Boardman's Art Theatre

Kamikaze Satire

Has anyone/everyone seen the Stephen-Colbert-at-the-White-House-Correspondents-Dinner yet? Honestly, it was extremely uncomfortable to sit through. I think Colbert's satire is hilarious on his show, but when he's doing it right to Bush's face, it just felt mean. On the other hand, everything he said was spot-on, and it damned well ought to make Bush feel uncomfortable.

There wasn't a whole lot of laughter in the room either. That uncomfortable feeling I had while watching was probably even more intense in the room. I really can't imagine what the president of the AP was thinking when he invited Colbert; the man's specialty is making his guests look like asses. And he did an exceptionally fine job of it at the dinner.

Bacon et Bourbon

Bacon and Bourbon photos are up on Info in my previous post.

Indie Music Mitosis

It looks like the Pitchfork Intonation music festival at Union park might be repeated this year. Actually, the organizers from last year have split and are each attempting to do their own festival. This article claims we can look forward to an Intonation AND Pitchfork festivals. Pre-loading at my place!

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well after almost 4 years of bitching about the midwest, i'm finally out of here.

i got a job as a news producer for kcal9/cbs2 in los angeles. ollie and i leave on friday morning to move to california. it pays well and i'm really *really* excited. i don't have a place yet, but will be staying with my friend tony and should have a home by november. (which is frighteningly not that far away...)

meanwhile, my digits have changed. they're now 310-804-2923. for some reason, when my phone is turned off, it doesn't go to voice mail. so if you need me, email.

and if by any chance, any of you are in grinnell on friday morning, maybe we can have a coffee. figured i'd show the boy where mommy went to college.

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