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From the archives, a little bit of freestyle, Terrance-style.

Okay, I got this fancy Flash mp3 player installed, but it plays the file too slow. It sounds like golfing under water, if you know what I mean. (It has something to do with bitrates and sampling frequencies. Ask Geoffrey.) Just click here to hear it the way it's supposed to sound.

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Anyone want to write some collaborative rhymes? I'll start:

I've got a funny feeling in my left ventricular,
It's a flutter, not a stutter; feelin' extra-curricular,
I want to get to know ya outside of history class,
How 'bout you lose the space suit so I can get a look at that ass?

Hmmm, I went a little bit Astronaut Jones at the end there. It happens.

You know this guy?

Hey Jake or Mark --

Eithier of you guys know a Rich Wince from Grinnell? He's 28, so I'd imagine you probably do.

Well, here's a picture of him hugging a giant bull's testicles,which I found here, via Fark.

Hey, why don't my image tags work? No HTML for me?

Beach House Photos


I posted the few pictures that I had from this past weekend. Thanks again to Los Graverinos for inviting us up there. Despite the weather, it was a great weekend.

Balalaika, Sing To Me

I've been listening to Firewater albums on rotation since yesterday. If you're like me, then you haven't listened to them in a while. Now would be a good time to give it a listen and be struck by awe.

Also, Win's blog is now on the sidehatch Jeaun Blogs area.
Also, only 100 days until the 2006 Pitchfork Music Festival!

This is amazing

Atta girl!

Wafah Dufour is featured in the January issue of GQ magazine. If you are unfamiliar with that name, perhaps the name that she was given at birth, Wafah bin Laden, will ring a bell. I have not posted a link because I can't seem to find a very good comprehensive article, and, well, you can go buy the fucking magazine this week or go leaf through it at your local bookstore or library. Anyway, here's what I know so far: she is an American citizen, she is Osama's neice, she's been living in London for years trying to launch herself into pop music stardom and has recently moved back to NYC--where it's looking like she finally has a chance of achieving that goal. Why do I think this? Because she's FUCKING HOT, that's why.

Hey everybody

Aden and Kate are engaged. I had written a verbose, extremely clever story for you all, complete with terp witticisms and humor, but because of the way you create content on here, I lost it. Oh well. Aden and Kate are engaged, let's all have a whiskey.


Get 'em, boys!

Well, They just issued an arrest warrant for DeLay in Texas. Now we just need to get one for Rove and Scooter.
cnn story

The Erotic Adventures Of My Friend William

I talked to Sheive last night, and he pointed me to the web site for his band, My Friend William. Their last show was at a Friends Under Covers (or FUC Club) event, which sounds like it would be an interesting place to play a rock show. He's also responsible for the sweet art for the poster on the front page.

The sound quality on the music is pretty poor, but the pictures are great. It makes me wish I was within 500 miles of LA every once in a while.

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