What's That Jeaun?

This car needs a name.


Wadsbone and I bought a Scion xA, and we're having trouble coming up for a name. Not having a name is not an option. Here are the ideas we've had so far:

1. 1/2 Ton Mouse
2. Titus Andronicus (aka Ass and Tittus)
3. Professor Nubbins
4. The Abstract Concept of Hubris

Obviously, we could use some help. What we're looking for is something we can add -mobile to and have it still sound cool.

Find the Bands

There are 75 in total....

Know anyone who designs video games?

Hey Jeaun. I gots a question.

An editor at my textbook job is looking for someone who designs video games, or at least works on them in some fashion, to interview for a short profile to highlight how "technology yields adventure."

Given the number of hip geeks with connections to Jeaun, I figure someone's gotta know someone.


I knew him when he was even geekier

Most of us have met—and some of us grew up with—Chuck Munyon: Grinnell townie, med student, and martial arts enthusiast. Most of you have probably also heard that he's on Ashton Kutcher's new reality show, "Beauty & The Geek". Here's the promo page, complete with a trailer in which he gets a bloody nose.

Now that's quality television/schadenfreude!

Write the caption

Bob Dobalina

There's a song called Mistadobalina by Del Tha Funky Homosapien, that references someone named "Bob Dobalina". I tried to do a google search to find some information on the guy, but all I could find was this site which explained it as a reference to Bob Dobbs of The Church of the SubGenius. Naturally, that means that Del is either a discordian or an illuminati agent.

Has anyone else ever heard of this guy? I find the SubGenius story to be a little fishy.

Bob Dobbs

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