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June First, Year of the Perdue Wonderchicken

In my continuing quest to be an insufferable jerk, I am starting an Infinite Jest book club. The goal is to finish the book by the end of June or soon thereafter. Anyone who's already read it, or been wanting to read it, is welcome. I know that Win and Colin have read it, and Jeaun might have some lurkers who have too.

I've set up a group blog for discussion, Infinite Jeaun. (Get it?) We're hoping to finish the first 250 pages by the end of the weekend, but that might be a bit too ambitious.

I want to emphasize that I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't think that IJ is a far more readable novel than its reputation might lead people to believe.

Do you live/want to live in Iowa City?

My dearest friend Allison is moving from her SWEETASS apartment in Iowa City. Seriously, it's the coolest apartment I've ever seen. I mean that. I wish I could go live there, but I am going to a different U of I.

If you're looking for a place in IC, this is probably the second best apartment in the city. (The first being the top floor of the mansion south of Burlington - it has a cupelo.)

Here's Allison's statement of purpose:

I've gone and gotten myself in a pickle. I need someone to Sublet my fantastically cute, ridiculously convenient, aesthetically pleasing DOWNTOWN apartment for the summer. NOW. Rent was 485, but at this point, I'm willing to be made an offer! Seriously, pretty much anything at this point...

Colin Was a Cheerleader!


Let the photoshop contest begin!!!

Thursday happiness

This is a great site with a very funny 50's style Flash short called "Make Mine Shoebox", about the greeting card niche. No really, it's funny.

A photograhic blast from the enjeaunrified past

So I've been going through old photos and scanning them into futureworld digital format, and I came across this classic from Summer 2000:

Just consider me your one-stop source for unflattering photos of yore.

The Un-Wadsworth

If you google Jason Wadsworth, you'll find this guy. This guy is not me.

Seaside Cove

a lotta nothing

i went out tonight with duncan, but i didn't do a damned thing. well, i had dinner at an overpriced fish and chips place in pimlico. the only thing i can figure is that it was designed to take money from tourists. it was good, but no different than what i could have gotten in chicago for half the price. ...not quite as romantic as one might think.

besides that, we just wandered the streets of london. went to a pub and then were turned away from several more. i'm not used to this be-wasted-by-eleven scene. everything but the clubs close at eleven. there's nothing like the beachwood here.

i tried to call laurette, the girl we met last weekend at a bar in islington. i think she may have been a bit embarrassed when i called... she was incredibly drunk when we met. but she didn't apologize for giving me her number. not that i expected her, too, but duncan seemed to think it was appropriate. it makes me think again about emailing simon, the art student who talked my ear off about his view of america, art ,and pop culture in general. he kept insisting that he wanted to me to email him, but he could barely form sentences by the time he left. email is pretty harmless, though. if i can come up with something to say, i'll probably drop him a few bits. email is probably safer with him anyway, he almost poked his eye out several times on my glasses. i've never met such a close talker.

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