Hard Sell

New Years on the Ocean

Location:Holden Beach
Anne and I have been mulling over New Years options for this year. We were thinking we could get a beach house (sleeps 20) on Holden Beach, NC. As some of you know, this is the same beach that Anne's mom has a house (unfortunately, it's already rented).

As always, all are welcome. We can rent a house for approximately $200/night. Which is dirt cheap with a group. We figured a 3-4 night rental. Anne and I are willing to make the house arrangements. We're also planning on chipping in a bit more loot since we won't have travel expenses.

Here's the catch, we need to get a rough idea of who might actually come down in the next two weeks. So talk amongst yourselves and make it happen.

Benefit for Becca


Location:115 Bourbon Street (south suburbs)
Keith's fun drinkin fundraiser.

changed the date.

The Big Party on the Willms Family Farm

Location:24175 Manning Trail Scandia, MN
If you haven't yet checked out the event website Everything you need to know is there. This is sure to be quite a good time. It's time to figure out when and how everyone is getting there. If you're driving up there this weekend please log your itinerary, passengers and any available seats in the comments. Untethered folks who haven't yet secured their seat, plead here too.

Memorial Day Weekend Day

Location:Green Acres
Changeup of druthers - how about simplifying life and not stressing anyone out by giving them too many options? I propose driving the three hours it takes to get just across the Mississip, and spend a couple of days camping on a pond (which is near a river) in a cabin. It's private land, so no assholes with firecrackers, unless that's us.

The catfish you can catch are the size of both your legs, and there will be canoeing.

Seriously, who's in?

Grinnell Reunion

Location:Grinnell, IA
expensive, but worth every other penny.

Second annual Bacon and Bourbon BBQ

Location:Jen & Dan Willms' Place @1647 W. Pratt Blvd. #3A
All the bacon and bourbon you can handle from 4 'til you can't go no more.

BYOB (fill in the last B with bacon, bourbon, burgers or beer).

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