How Is Possible?

Because sometimes, the thread is Godwinned before it starts.

Further support for the notion that the interslice has everything, no matter how asinine.

For your viewing pleasure, cats that look like Hitler.

this is for graver...

Smallest of worlds (or maybe towns)

So I went to a birthday party last night in Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor's slutty older sister of a town a few miles down the road. I love Ypsi. Anyway, the house belonged to/birthday party was for one of the guys in my favorite local band, The Great Lakes Myth Society (formerly The Original Brothers and Sisters of Love). They're all there, my cousin is spinning records in the basement, and many of Ann Arbor/Ypsi's finest folk-inspired indie rock darlings are up in the jeaun. My kind of party.

I walk up the stairs from the basement to retrieve another Cold One from the fridge. At the top of the stairs I see Katie Simmons. From Grinnell.

Long Dogs! Get em' while they're hot!

This might be the most bizarre banner ad I've ever seen. Someone paid to have this thing up on Hotmail, so maybe it has some hidden virtue that I don't understand. It's definitely eye-catching, but I'm not sure who would want to get a mortgage from the "stretchy dog" people. Maybe if you spend less on your mortgage, then you can afford a longer dog. You can live large, like Jay-Z, with a 20-foot long, diamond-studded dog.

Long dog mortgage ad.

(I heard that one of the fellas from Outkast tried to have his dogs teeth replaced with diamonds.

It's inconceivable

So I read the transcript of Bush's speech today about Iraq and training Iraqi security forces. Here's the scary thing: I think I agree with him. A transcript of his speech can be found here:

Basically he says that "No Timetables" and that our leaving Iraq will be decided by the commanders on the ground when they say that the Iraqi forces can take care of their own security. That makes sense to me. As much as I believe that the administration lied/dissembled/hyped to get us into war, the idea of leaving without making sure Iraq is stable is worse than than going to war in the first place.

Also available today is a 38-page document called the National Strategy for Victory in Iraq. It can be found here:

I haven't had the chance to read through it yet, though I will be doing so soon. Here's my question to you guys: What do you think? Do you think we should set a timetable like, "We're out of Iraq by 2007" or do you think we should tie it to specific milestones of Iraqi military/political/securitarial(not a word) acheivements so that we don't have to go back?

Also, whats your view of the American service men and women who have died during this mission? Did they die for nothing? Did they die fighting there so the terrorists don't bring the fight to us here in the US? (An argument I think is fallacious) Its hard to approach this subject since its so touchy, but I'll let you know what I think. I think that the soldiers that have died did so unecessarily since we did not have to get into this war. However, thats not to say that they died for nothing. This is like a choose your own adventure. They died for a)oil, b)a democratic ally in a strategic part of the world, c)Iraqi freedom, d)A combination of the previous options, etc...

I want to hear from you guys, the heroes. You get it.

Blog Virgin

I'm old, I guess. Up until a few months ago I didn't know what a blog was! Now, here I am, starting a journal, place to rant and rave, an online vent, just a few days before my 50th birthday. Will have to think on this one for a while!

I hope everyone is dry

I've been listening to NPRs All Things Considered a day late for a while now. I've also been reading online newspapers. From everything I've heard and read Hurricane Katrina seems to have damaged New Orleans almost beyond repair. I'm glad that I'm somewhere nice and dry and I hope that everyone I know and everyone that they know is safe. Anyone around the area or have loved ones there?

Now that's a way to go

Hunter S. Thompsons friends and family gave his ashes a good send off by shooting his ashes out of a cannon You can call it stylistic plagiarism, but thats what I want done with my ashes after I die. The man was a giant. The only other better idea is getting your ashes shot into space. Or perhaps just your body, but then you'd probably end up in a decaying orbit and burn up in the atmosphere. Not that you'd feel it, being dead.

I wasn't at the bar, but I appreciate your spirit.

Make sure to get one with music.

Stranger in a strange land

Its my second full day in India. Last night I went out with a couple of the people from my office to a heavy metal club called "Styx". It was a great experience. I had a couple beers and smoked too many cigarettes as usual. It was a nice complement to our meal at TGI Friday's. That's right, there's a TGI Friday's right outside the Diamond District compound where our apartments and offices are located. Don't get me wrong though, I'm totally digging on the Indian food. We have a lunch buffet provided for Thoughtworks employees on the weekdays. Highlights from the Styx club: Singing along to Sepultura's "War for Territory" as the video played and all the Indians sang along and headbanged, doing the same to Metallica's "Master of Puppets".

I've asked around for the Indie rock club and I've been told that there is a more mellow bar called "Purple Haze" thats the closest thing to a normal bar around here.

I've included a couple of picture of my apartment for your viewing (or not) pleasure. They're all worksafe.

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