Hey everybody

Aden and Kate are engaged. I had written a verbose, extremely clever story for you all, complete with terp witticisms and humor, but because of the way you create content on here, I lost it. Oh well. Aden and Kate are engaged, let's all have a whiskey.


It's inconceivable

So I read the transcript of Bush's speech today about Iraq and training Iraqi security forces. Here's the scary thing: I think I agree with him. A transcript of his speech can be found here: http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2005/11/20051130-2.html

Basically he says that "No Timetables" and that our leaving Iraq will be decided by the commanders on the ground when they say that the Iraqi forces can take care of their own security. That makes sense to me. As much as I believe that the administration lied/dissembled/hyped to get us into war, the idea of leaving without making sure Iraq is stable is worse than than going to war in the first place.

Also available today is a 38-page document called the National Strategy for Victory in Iraq. It can be found here: http://www.whitehouse.gov/infocus/iraq/iraq_strategy_nov2005.html

I haven't had the chance to read through it yet, though I will be doing so soon. Here's my question to you guys: What do you think? Do you think we should set a timetable like, "We're out of Iraq by 2007" or do you think we should tie it to specific milestones of Iraqi military/political/securitarial(not a word) acheivements so that we don't have to go back?

Also, whats your view of the American service men and women who have died during this mission? Did they die for nothing? Did they die fighting there so the terrorists don't bring the fight to us here in the US? (An argument I think is fallacious) Its hard to approach this subject since its so touchy, but I'll let you know what I think. I think that the soldiers that have died did so unecessarily since we did not have to get into this war. However, thats not to say that they died for nothing. This is like a choose your own adventure. They died for a)oil, b)a democratic ally in a strategic part of the world, c)Iraqi freedom, d)A combination of the previous options, etc...

I want to hear from you guys, the heroes. You get it.

this is sad

dipfortress role call:

Early Risers (+3 bands I've never heard of)

Location:Beat Kitchen - 2100 W. Belmont
The Early Risers are playing next Thursday at the Beat Kitchen. There are 3 other bands that I don't know. I also don't know the order. I do know that I will go to said rock show and get my socks rocked off. I suggest you all do the same.

Unos Libros para el Flankmont

You can netflix pretty much anything these days. Me, I'm trying the netflix for audiobooks, which I will henceforth call "bookflix," in cool defiance of both etymology and trademark.

The pipeline is: they send me books on CD, I rip the CDs to mp3, send the CDs back, and put the mp3s on my portable music device for consumption at my convenience.

The digital books are now available on my exposed flank, under Audiobooks. I've just started with this jeaun, so the selection is still a bit limited. Also, I've so far been biased towards books that lend themselves to listening rather than reading, so the overall quality of content on the virtual shelf is probably only a split pube north of supermarket checkout aisle.

High Strung with Baby Teeth

So I was just emailin' with the drummer from the High Strung (library business) and he mentioned that they're playing Schubas with Baby Teeth. He said it was the 22nd, but their site says the 21, so I'll make the correction when I know it.

I'd be there too, if it weren't a school night.

Gil Mantera's Party Dream

Gil Mantera is one of four bands playing at the Darkroom on Thursday. $8. They're also having a bit of a CD release party. http://www.darkroombar.com/events.html

they WON!!

Well it happened. The Sox won the Super Bowl. Chicago gets a temporary rest from its sports anxiety until the Bears face the Blackhawks at Wimbledon. That is if the NHL can manage to last an entire season without falling apart.

I am happy. Very very happy.

Blog Virgin

I'm old, I guess. Up until a few months ago I didn't know what a blog was! Now, here I am, starting a journal, place to rant and rave, an online vent, just a few days before my 50th birthday. Will have to think on this one for a while!

New Years on the Ocean

Location:Holden Beach
Anne and I have been mulling over New Years options for this year. We were thinking we could get a beach house (sleeps 20) on Holden Beach, NC. As some of you know, this is the same beach that Anne's mom has a house (unfortunately, it's already rented).

As always, all are welcome. We can rent a house for approximately $200/night. Which is dirt cheap with a group. We figured a 3-4 night rental. Anne and I are willing to make the house arrangements. We're also planning on chipping in a bit more loot since we won't have travel expenses.

Here's the catch, we need to get a rough idea of who might actually come down in the next two weeks. So talk amongst yourselves and make it happen.