A galactic battle on my flank

The miniseries and seasons 1 & 2. I figured Nounatron was kinda dead (much like j.c these days, I suppose), so I'd rekindle the flame here.

Lab Made Meat and other Jeauns

Location:PBS - Check Ya Listings
Hey Folks. Watch the season finale. I take my first stab at reporting by mocking a well-intentioned environmentalist. Also, a non-hysterical look at Bird Flu and a music video about obscure number theory conjectures.

Nova scienceNOW

New Years a Few Miles off the Lake

Location:909 N. Leavitt

The management of 909 Leavitt, Ltd. is pleased to announce that our social committee has voted unanimously to approve a party in celebration of the new fiscal year. The party will be taking place at our central headquarters on the final business day of 2005 at 9:00 p.m. sharp. Accounting has approved funding for 2 kegs and the Kegerator Technologies Division has assured us that all facilities will be in full operation. Additionally, with our recent acquisition of Party Ball Pharmaceuticals, we will be test-running two new experimental product lines yet unsubmitted to the FDA. Management appreciates your automatic volunteership in testing these lines in the name of a bigger and better future for our company. Management would also like to take the time to remind our employees that, no matter how succulent and delicious he may appear, our CEO is not an hors d'oeuvre.

Atta girl!

Wafah Dufour is featured in the January issue of GQ magazine. If you are unfamiliar with that name, perhaps the name that she was given at birth, Wafah bin Laden, will ring a bell. I have not posted a link because I can't seem to find a very good comprehensive article, and, well, you can go buy the fucking magazine this week or go leaf through it at your local bookstore or library. Anyway, here's what I know so far: she is an American citizen, she is Osama's neice, she's been living in London for years trying to launch herself into pop music stardom and has recently moved back to NYC--where it's looking like she finally has a chance of achieving that goal. Why do I think this? Because she's FUCKING HOT, that's why.

I'm a Racist, You're a Racist

It's racist to use chopsticks in a Thai restaurant.


Know anyone who designs video games?

Hey Jeaun. I gots a question.

An editor at my textbook job is looking for someone who designs video games, or at least works on them in some fashion, to interview for a short profile to highlight how "technology yields adventure."

Given the number of hip geeks with connections to Jeaun, I figure someone's gotta know someone.


Santa Claus

Facts about St Nicholas according to Wikipedia:

  • St Nicholas was an ordained priest.

  • St. Nick is a patron saint of children, yes... but he's also the patron saint of prostitutes, pharmacists, pawnbrokers and prisoners.

  • St. Nicholas was a Turk. He was from Patara in the province of Lycia which was on the mediterranean coast of Hellenistic Asia Minor.

  • In the Netherlands, Sinterklaas sails up from Spain with his little buddy, a freed slave named Black Pete. He gives bad kids bundles of sticks. Those wacky Dutch.

  • In the early 11th century sailors stole St. Nicholas's remains. They were said to exude myrrh.

Heh Heh

Yesterday I heard that Scott Strapp got his ASS BEAT by 311. I did a little search on this just now and, unfortunately, I can't come up with any pages that discuss the topic besides message boards and illegitimate news sources. Everything I've been glancing at says that Scott Strapp sucker-punched one of the 311 boys and that was what started the "brawl." Either way this is hilarious. Everyone giggle. Giggle a lot. I actually giggle whenever I hear either the name "Scott Strapp" or "311." Oh my god I can't stop laughing.

Why ______ de Coverley?

"The meal was served in enormous helpings on damask tablecloths by the skilled Italian waiters Major ______ de Coverley had kidnapped from the mainland and given to Milo."

Why do all those old-timey writers (like Joseph Heller?) use underscores for a person's first name all the time? This has baffled me for years, and I'm tired of being in the dark. Can someone help me out here?