Location:The Beat Kitchen
The Slackers with Flashlight Brown and DJ Chuck Wren. I don't know the latter two from my left buttock, but if I can get someone to cover me at work for an hour I will be there for the Slackers.

Tunnel of Tolerance

Link of the Day:
Tunnel of Tolerance

Canada is nipping at the heels of Denmark in the race for the title of Most Likely to Have Your Embassy Torched. Not only does this cartoon feature a banned likeness of The Prophet, but he's kissing another man! And that other man is Jesus! And they're married! And tattoed! And high on heroin! It's an offenstravaganza!

(Actually, it's not clear whether they're married or high. But, I'm pretty sure they are

Bacon et Bourbon

Bacon and Bourbon photos are up on Info in my previous post.

Indie Music Mitosis

It looks like the Pitchfork Intonation music festival at Union park might be repeated this year. Actually, the organizers from last year have split and are each attempting to do their own festival. This article claims we can look forward to an Intonation AND Pitchfork festivals. Pre-loading at my place!

trib article [login required]

This is amazing

Don't Spit the Water!

Location:The Playground Theater, 3209 North Halsted, Chicago

I just got cast in a show that's kind of a mix of Make Me Laugh and a variety show called "Don't Spit the Water." Basically comedians come out and try to make contestants spit water from laughing.

I'm playing for 2nd time (ever!) this Saturday @ 10:30PM. Tickets are $12, but if you follow this link you can get a coupon for $2 off. The theater is also BYOB.

My character is called "Your Dad," who is your divorced absentee father whose really happy to see you.

the Story II.... (add a sentence)

Julie was half way to her Lamaze class when it occurred to her that she had left her lunch at home.

Morr Wackee Spam

I got some more interesting unsolicited non-commercial email yesterday. Anyone willing to spam and not make any money off it usually has something interesting to say. I think I posted a while ago about the guy who sent me some "peak oil" spam. This one isn't nearly as eloquent. In fact, I'm not entirely certain what it means, but I think it's weird enough to share.

From: Subject: Dear People. Date: January 20, 2006 12:21:19 AM GMT+02:00 To: <...> Cc: <...>

How much more could a child learn if laugh was laf, phone was fone, psychology was sykalligy, & so on?

Why should the most fundamental part of our education continue to be the hardest to learn?

What about all those children that will never learn to read or write?

Doesn't it make more sense to make better sense? Aren't there better things a child could be learning? What does the good Dr. think of this?, What about that oath?

I'm sure that some of you know; I have been trying to get Dr. Phil to talk about this issue on his show for quite some time. How many has to ask?

We can do so much. Why do we do so little?

______Lets work together______

If we continue to hold on to what we were, and what we are, we will surly never be what we can be.

It's not as if we would change over night.

Thank You. LW&P
David Bradley

Jasmine Banned

I turned off anonymous comments temporarily. I've been getting about a hundred emails a day asking me to moderate posts about Giant Viagra-Hard Penis Poker on Vicodin.

I have photos

For those of you that aren't plan-centric, which is all of you, I've been posting and captioning photos since July. Not on Jeaun-gallery, mind you, but on Snapfish. username is bryandunham at hotmail dot com, pw is india. Prepare for the amazement.