Hey, Win!

MaryGrace and I are gonna be in the city this Thursday night through Sat AM, before we head out to Massapequa for a wedding. We're planning on staying with our friends Jay and Jill, former Ann Arbor folk, but we'd like to meet up with you at some point, if that's doable for you.

I don't have any of your contact info, except for a really old phone number -- ends in 7055. Is that still you?

Lemme know if you'll be around/available, eh? l(dot)evan dot michael at gmail is me.

this is for graver...

Pitchfork Music Festival

If I were a good person, I'd post photos I took at the pitchfork music festival. Well, I'm not a good person, but Metromix posted one of Colin and Samm.

Guess the card


So there's some big-time flamenco happening at the HW Library on August 10 (at 8) and August 11 (7:30) I've seen Edwin before - the guy is pretty amazing. Pedro and Ricardo are both supurb guitarists as well. 30 beans is pretty rough, though, and it looks like the good seats are even more in New York on the 9th. Might be worth it if you have a lady to impress or are looking to class it up for a night - the show will be great. I'm going to attach a .jpg of the flyer and see if it turns up.

Motorcycles are awesome.

I played hooky on Friday to go out to Grattan raceway in Belding, MI (near Grand Rapids) for a track day/fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3-day walk. As an added bonus, a few Hooters girls came out to serve us lunch. They were skanky as skanky can be, but I guess that's what you should expect from Hooters Girls.

I ran my first day in Intermediate, so I didn't have to stay in the groups like one does in Novice. The only rules are pass safely, and leave at least an arm's length between you and any other bikes. I had one guy try and pass me with less than a foot between me and the outside of the track, and one of my buddies on a faster bike stuffed me into the first corner off of the front straight when his bike dropped into a false neutral, but other than that, no close calls.

You know this guy?

Hey Jake or Mark --

Eithier of you guys know a Rich Wince from Grinnell? He's 28, so I'd imagine you probably do.

Well, here's a picture of him hugging a giant bull's testicles,which I found here, via Fark.

Hey, why don't my image tags work? No HTML for me?

The blue line

Found this on the front page of Google News. Another Grinnellian in a slightly more dubious limelight. We're all glad you're alright, Marti.

AP story:
Marti Palermo escapes the Blue Line

Gil Mantera @ The Hideout


Gil Mantera's Party Dream is playing tonight at The Hideout as part of an Audio Eagle Records showcase. Get it while it's hot!

Audio Eagle Records showcase:

Doors open @ 8:30
Beaten Awake @ 9:00
Houseguest @ 9:45
Gil Mantera's Party Dream @ 10:30

Dance party w/ DJ Matt Shields @ 11:30

21 and over

$10 at the door. Online tickets are sold out, but more tickets are
available at the door.

Beach House Photos


I posted the few pictures that I had from this past weekend. Thanks again to Los Graverinos for inviting us up there. Despite the weather, it was a great weekend.