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Operation Mincemeat

I ran across this article on Wikipedia. Okay, by "ran across," I mean that I clicked on the RandomWiki link and found it. In any case, it's a description of a counter-intelligence operation by the allies during World War II. It's really amazing that they did things like this back then, when they had basically just invented counter-intelligence. It makes me wonder what kind of crazy shit the CIA and the like are pulling off now, with 60 years of experience behind them.

It also makes me wonder who's corpse they really used, and if their family knew about it. I somehow doubt that they knew about it then, but I wonder if the governments involved ever came clean. "Yeah, well, you know how we told you he was MIA? Actually, we dumped him into the Atlantic with a briefcase chained to his wrist." If you ask me, that's a much better use for a corpse than for a burial or a cremation.