Call your senators for great victory of Democratic Justice!!!

Here I go again:

It's not as sexy as the NIE and perhaps in the end more worthwhile, but please call your Congress People and inform them that you support Rush Holt's bill, HR 550, an amendment to the Help America Vote Act of 2002 to require a voter-verified permanent paper record or hard copy under title III of such Act, and for other purposes.

From his site:

The bill would require all voting machines to produce an actual paper record that voters can check to ensure the accuracy of their votes, and that election officials can use to verify the accuracy of the vote count in the event of a computer malfunction, hacking, or other irregularity. It would also call for a percentage of random audits in every state, and at least one in every County, as an automatic check on the reported results.

Nova scienceNOW New Season Drops

on PBS
BLAOW! I actually didn't have too much to do with the segments/reporting on this hour...but it's pretty decent anyway.

At the risk of looking like a motorcycle-obsessed jackass...

I got in what will probably be my last trackdays of the season this past weekend. I may go back on Friday, but probably not. My best lap time, 1:44, was 14 seconds off of the race pace there, but since this was only my 6th track day, and only my second time at this track, I felt okay about that. And finally, an action shot of me! This is from when I was being "chased" by an instructor (note the yellow jersey over his leathers) who was checking me out to qualify me for the intermediate group.

Good, good times.

Bowerbirds on Pitchfork

To my surprise, I think I've seen Phil Moore's grill on pitchfork.

Please, everyone get on the phone and help America

To those of you that read this that have blocked my e-mails because I'm an obnoxious spamming jackass:

President Bush has pledged to release an unclassified version of the April 2006 NIE that has some conclusions about Iraq and the war on Terror. This is good, but thats not all there is.


This morning at TPM we got word that in addition to the already reported April Iraq/Terrorism NIE, there was another NIE exclusively on Iraq.

We talked to various Hill sources who confirmed its existence. And then Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA), ranking member of the House intel committee discussed the report and called for its release at an event at the National Press Club.

Hapsburg, Wadsbone

Today, 28 years ago, a comet struck the earth near Buffalo, New York.

Pound Jeaun (or The Depths of Geekitude)

I've been using IRC lately for work, and it seems like it'd be cool to have an IRC channel for jeaun. For those who aren't familiar with it, IRC is kind of like a normal IM conversation. Except on an IRC channel, there are usually more than two participants, and you usually stay logged in to the channel for long periods of time.

I don't whether this will be practical for people who have to go work at offices and things like that, but if you're just chilling in front of your computer, it can be quite nice to be able to quickly, easily and publicly insult Graver's lineage.

I've already created a jeaun channel on If you've already got an IRC client installed, clicking the previous link should take you there. I'd suggest setting your client to automatically join the jeaun channel when you log in.

Click the read more link for instructions on connecting to #jeaun.

Because sometimes, the thread is Godwinned before it starts.

Further support for the notion that the interslice has everything, no matter how asinine.

For your viewing pleasure, cats that look like Hitler.

Which One of Y'all Gunsta FLex?

Happy Birthday, Ade!

Yup. Happy somethingth Day, mang. Which also reminds me, I need to call and wish my stepdad the same.