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crazy chipmunk

So, Kucinich is running for president again? This is awesome. He's my favorite candidate of all time... with Jello Biafra and Ed Begley Jr. supporting you, how could you be wrong? Plus, he's got some of the coolest policies I've ever heard. Including repealing the PATRIOT act, ratifying the Kyoto accord and a whole bunch of others.

The thing is.... he's too cuddly to win the presidency. Though he is cuddly in a way that when your back is turned, he might scamper up your leg and go after your throat, chittering madly as his little teeth sink in.

Simple Economics II

Simple Economics

Bush Doing The Robot

Me: Excuse me, sir? Could you take this and carry it 4000 miles over an ocean and deliver it directly to a person you've never met?

USPS: Certainly, sir, that'll be 84 cents.

Me: How much for you to do the robot?

USPS: That'll be five thousand dollars.

It's a Fact!


Hey, in the course of making yesterday's horrible video, I was trying to find a picture of the "Kids in the Hall" "It's a Fact" girl. I found lots of references to her and show transcripts, but I couldn't even find her name, let alone a picture of her in datum delicto.

I don't really need to know, but it always makes me mad when a fact can't be found at a moment's notice on the interslice. Does anyone know who she is or what she's doing now? Does anyone have the DVD to check the credits? Does she work at the Tasti D Lite on Broadway?

Mr. Doherty's Kingdom

From the archives, a little bit of freestyle, Terrance-style.

Okay, I got this fancy Flash mp3 player installed, but it plays the file too slow. It sounds like golfing under water, if you know what I mean. (It has something to do with bitrates and sampling frequencies. Ask Geoffrey.) Just click here to hear it the way it's supposed to sound.

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

Anyone want to write some collaborative rhymes? I'll start:

I've got a funny feeling in my left ventricular,
It's a flutter, not a stutter; feelin' extra-curricular,
I want to get to know ya outside of history class,
How 'bout you lose the space suit so I can get a look at that ass?

Hmmm, I went a little bit Astronaut Jones at the end there. It happens.

Find the Bands

There are 75 in total....

Choose Your Comptroller Carefully!

Hey, did everybody vote today? You're almost out of time if you haven't. Get on it.

I wrote about the Champaign voting experience on chronicd. Incidentally, I've been posting every day so far this month in honor of NamblaRhymo, and I plan on continuing, so you should read it and leave comments to make me feel loved and respected.

Someone is Spying on me.

you all know that my work takes me to some interesting places that may or may not exist. But I can now reveal to you that I am in fact Laptop Guy.

For the record, I have no idea who snapped my photo.

Have a Horrible Time with Win & Adrienne

Owdy Mowdy