Broken Social Scene


Location:The Metro
I think I heard someone say they liked these guys once. ($22)

The Go! Team is playing the next day at the metro too



Location:The Metro
at $28.50, its a bit pricey... but they're hilarious.

Built to Spill


Location:The Metro
On a saturday too!


Double Door Halloween show


Location:The Double Door
Note: this is actually the day before halloween.


New Orleans... but no so much with the horror...

I'm honestly not sure what to make of this. Except, that I think I like New Orleans a lot more...

Gay Pride Parade in New Orleans...

Nova scienceNOW Podcasts

NSN has a regular podcast available directly from our website or from the itunes music store. We have a new one going up tomorrow, hosted and produced by yours truly. So check it out. And if you feel like writing to Nova telling them that "damn that Rosenfeld kid is great on the air" don't hold back.

The Erotic Adventures Of My Friend William

I talked to Sheive last night, and he pointed me to the web site for his band, My Friend William. Their last show was at a Friends Under Covers (or FUC Club) event, which sounds like it would be an interesting place to play a rock show. He's also responsible for the sweet art for the poster on the front page.

The sound quality on the music is pretty poor, but the pictures are great. It makes me wish I was within 500 miles of LA every once in a while.

A damn good book

I finished an amazingly good book last night before I went to bed. It's called Hard-Boiled Wonderland and The End of the World by Haruki Murakami. I picked it up at an interesting Indian bookstore I went to on Saturday. Its a little complex, possibly too smart of a book for me but its very enjoyable and Murakamis writing style is really refreshing. The basic plot revolves around this old man who is doing extensive research into human consciousness. While that may make it sound dry, theres plenty of pop culture references and jokes to keep it rolling along. If you like wierd fiction, I think you'll love it.

Now that's a way to go

Hunter S. Thompsons friends and family gave his ashes a good send off by shooting his ashes out of a cannon You can call it stylistic plagiarism, but thats what I want done with my ashes after I die. The man was a giant. The only other better idea is getting your ashes shot into space. Or perhaps just your body, but then you'd probably end up in a decaying orbit and burn up in the atmosphere. Not that you'd feel it, being dead.

Your Son, Fuckhead That He Is...

Christopher (Ronnie) Walken is running for president.

Lizz sent this link out in an email this morning. I heard something about it a few days ago, but I didn't realize they had a website set up. I'm not convinced that it's legit, but it doesn't seem quite funny enough to be fake. (Except for the pictures; the pictures on that site are ridiculous. See above.) Christopher Walken running for presidient might be even slightly more surreal than Arnold Schwarzenegger running for governor of California. Maybe Arnold will run against Walken and we'll get to see the single most entertaining presidential debate of all time.

Bluff, gimmick, or flaw?