Get 'em, boys!

Well, They just issued an arrest warrant for DeLay in Texas. Now we just need to get one for Rove and Scooter.
cnn story


well after almost 4 years of bitching about the midwest, i'm finally out of here.

i got a job as a news producer for kcal9/cbs2 in los angeles. ollie and i leave on friday morning to move to california. it pays well and i'm really *really* excited. i don't have a place yet, but will be staying with my friend tony and should have a home by november. (which is frighteningly not that far away...)

meanwhile, my digits have changed. they're now 310-804-2923. for some reason, when my phone is turned off, it doesn't go to voice mail. so if you need me, email.

and if by any chance, any of you are in grinnell on friday morning, maybe we can have a coffee. figured i'd show the boy where mommy went to college.

WASTE donations?

Hey everybody. This is for all those people using WASTE. The project leader is looking for donations to get a better build machine. I mean.. hell, he could be buying beer with it.. but there it is.

Also, he claims to have a Mac server version and be working on a client. He also looks to have created a linux version. haven't tested it yet.

Most of us don't have the money to do this, but I'm just throwing it out there.

Psyche Origami


Location:Darkroom - 2210 W. Chicago
Psyche O/The Opposition Party/TBA: Live Music; Hip-Hop, Funk, Reggae $7 cover. 9pm-2am. $3 Goose Island Beers.

I saw Psyche Origami at Cowboy Monkey here in Champaign last night, and they blew me away. It's two DJs and an MC, and they do a sort of Gas Station-themed show, culminating in a Devil-Went-Down-To-Georgia turntable battle. It was most nasty.

Anyway they're playing at the Darkroom, which means a few of you can practically fall off your front porch into the show. So, go get your faces rocked off.

BD, this would definitely be up your alley.

Hapsburg Wadsbone!

Location:Champaign/Urbana (sigh)
Happy birthday Bone! Wish we were there to help you tie one on!

Benefit for Becca


Location:115 Bourbon Street (south suburbs)
Keith's fun drinkin fundraiser.

changed the date.

The Cold Cometh

Hey guys... The weatherman says its going to get hotter and hotter next week, but I saw leaves falling off trees on the southside last night. This can only mean one thing.... the chill of autumn is on the way. We have to keep the summer party going at various indoor venues. In an effort to get the ball rolling, I posted some upcoming concerts that I thought might be fun. Don't know if I'll be able to go to all of them... but I thought I'd just throw it out there.
Franz Ferdinand, The Gossip, Built to Spill, KMFDM, New Pornographers, Reverend Horton Heat, Broken Social Scene, The Go! Team and some wacked out Halloween 80's party at the Double Door.

Franz Ferdinand


Location:The Aragon Ballroom
Might be sold out... and I'm not sure they're still cool. You damn hipsters and your fickle favors

The Gossip


Location:The Empty Bottle
I saw these guys once and they were very cool. This woman howls like a banshee.

Reverend Horton Heat


Location:The Metro
with Supersuckers and Split Lip Rayfield