self-serving promotion

going to the emmys on sunday, which as many of you know, is like my prom and wedding wrapped up into one.

i will be writing about it on circa 6pm et/3pm pt though that may be all photos.

speaking of, i got a little prep work done at the office today...


i got 3 emmys, so suck it kathy griffin!!!


I serve at the pleasure of the President

Graver Cottage

A few of you probably remember my family's cottage out in Michigan. Its about 2-3 hours from Chicago and right near the beach. Anyway, we're renting it out. Take a look at the nifty site Hannah put up with pictures and such. And of course... rent it.
Graver Cottage

girl brained on camera for religious edification?

Ok, so in fact she was brained because her community had some racist insane morons who would be better off in lockdown. This story made me crazy. Reading it was bad enough, but the video is totally unbearable. I'd recommend you NOT watch it. The article explains it pretty well. Yazidi girl falls for Sunni boy... Sunni boy falls for Yazidi girl... mindless Yazidi mob brains girl with chunk of cement. Read the article before continuing on...

made-up word of the day

A student used the word "hornery" in a paper that I'm grading right now. I suggest that we put that one in the lexicon.

Who's your favorite Actor?

Q1 and the numbers

So the numbers are in for first quarter fundraising numbers are in and I just wanted to spew some more thoughts about the current field:

Straw Poll

Just want to throw out some stuff that's been on my mind. I know it's early but the race for the 2008 nomination has gotten into full swing. I feel like going ahead and throwing out my predictions right now. Besides, jeaun has been too quiet.

I'm having a party

All right everybody, I'm having a party next Friday, February 2nd. Yes, you read that correctly, I am taking off work so I can drink with my friends. Specifically, I will be drinking with my friends to commemorate the THIRTIETH anniversary of the birth of my good friend, Jennifer Johnson. I'm opting out of an evite and would like to maximize attendance (or maybe I should do one? Thoughts?), so a word-of-mouth dissemination of this information would be greatly appreciated for the sake of those who are not jeaun-friendly.

Friday February 2, 8:30 ish or whatever
Bring a little something to drink

This car needs a name.


Wadsbone and I bought a Scion xA, and we're having trouble coming up for a name. Not having a name is not an option. Here are the ideas we've had so far:

1. 1/2 Ton Mouse
2. Titus Andronicus (aka Ass and Tittus)
3. Professor Nubbins
4. The Abstract Concept of Hubris

Obviously, we could use some help. What we're looking for is something we can add -mobile to and have it still sound cool.