April 22, 2004

MTEntries "lastn"

Every time I create a new blog, I have to make this change, and every time I end up looking it up somewhere, so here it is:

The default MT templates display the entries for the last 7 days. It only rebuilds the page when you add something, so if you post regularly, this is fine. But, if you don't post for a week, and then add something, when the page is rebuilt, you'll only see the new post; everything else is relegated to the archives.

It seems a bit lonely to me to have only one post up there, so I like to change the template to display the ten most recent entries. To make the change, replace the line <MTEntries> with <MTEntries lastn="10">.

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Old Gay Stylesheets, Working At The Compound...

I'm working on setting up a page with rss feeds from nounatron, jeaun, and whatever else suits my fancy, as well as links that I use frequently. It's a more dynamic version of the chronicd.com home page. What I have so far is at http://www.chronicd.com/test/index.php.

I kind of like the boxes of content theme that I've got going there now. They don't flow the way I want them to, though. Each new line in the section start at the same vertical point, so each column has a different amount of space between the first and second box. I'm going to try to change the layout so that everything flows from top to bottom in three columns. I predict a net increase in aestheticity.

I'm also discovering the pain of browser display differences. IE and Opera are turning out to be a pain in the proverbial. Despite explicitly setting the widths of the divs to be identical, both browsers make the last one extra wide. It may be due to of the width of the content, which is problematic, because the content is dynamic.

I suppose I'll worry more about the content later. I think it might be better to keep the links on a separate page...

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