May 19, 2004

Easy Rider

They all get murdered by hillbillies!?! Good God.

"The doobs and the Heinie kicked right in..." - Peter Fonda

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April 16, 2004

Anybody have tickets to see this band?


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June 22, 2003


I want to live on this island. It's the place where they do everything right... it makes for happy people. At least until the outside world comes in to seriously fuck it up.

It's kind of depressing, but I like Huxley's vision of a perfect society. I wonder which parts of it are really practical on a larger scale?

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The Doors Of Perception

When you take a drug like psilocybin, it opens up the flood gates that filter your perceptions. What you see while you're under the influence was always there, but blocked by your mind.

This meshes surprisingly well with ideas of how the mind actually works, at least for visual perception. Hopefully that doesn't apply to the irrational paranoia....

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Brave New World

In the future everyone is engineered to be happy with their lot in life, to have a lot of sex and take ecstasy every night. Except for this one guy; he's kind of a bummer. I didn't find this society nearly as disturbing as I was supposed to. Am I, maybe, a closet fascist? But, really, if you can make everyone on the planet happy except for this one guy, that seems pretty good. Of course, at the same time, life is completely pointless in that world. Is that okay as long as people don't care?

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Dance of Days: Two Decades of Punk In The Nation's Capital

Rock and Roll!

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God Bless You Dr. Kevorkian

Dispatches from an afterlife explorer... short interviews with dead people.

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Consciousness Explained

...I was wondering how that worked.

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How The Mind Works

It changes the way you think about thinking. Gotta read it. Again.

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Real Conversations with Henry Rollins, Jello Biafra, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Billy Childish

Billy Childish doesn't give a fuck...
Lawrence Ferlinghetti is rad old dude...
Jello Biafra is intense but a little bit. maybe, extreme...
Henry Rollins is a self-righteous asshole, but he did recommend JG Ballard to me...

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