April 15, 2004

rock pov

a video camera is inside a bass drum. there's dust in the air inside the drum. sunlight is streaming through the hole in the head. as the drum is hit, the camera records the dust swirling in the air.

a singer is performing a song, a video camera records the performance from the point of view of the microphone. you can see a lot of tonsils and teeth.

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April 07, 2004


you can feel this in your bowels
let me see you shake your jowls

i wanna know when those lambchops come off
first i'll give you smack, then i'll ask you to cough

feels good to me, but we'll see
the first person to read this will probably flee
but, hell, i gotta be me

i'll reach back into my amygdala and think of ya
every once in a while, but that's all gone
i'm on and on and in alanon
twelve steps all around

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