Do you vote in Michigan?

Do you vote in Michigan?

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We're not going to beat around the Bush. If you want to help make mischief for the Republican Party - and bolster the Democrats' chances for taking the White House this November - read on!

Are you a Democrat or independent registered to vote in Michigan? If you are, vote for Mitt Romney in the Republican primary on Tuesday, January 15th!

Do you know any Democrats or independents in Michigan? If you do, encourage them to vote for Mitt Romney in the Republican primary on Tuesday, January 15th!

And if you don't know anyone in Michigan, then forward this e-mail on to your like-minded friends - you never know who they might know.

Okay, so, I know - you must think I'm nuts to suggest that anyone ever vote Republican. But this situation is special. As it happens, the Michigan Democratic primary is uncontested. Barack Obama and John Edwards aren't even on the ballot. So that means even if you're a Hillary Clinton supporter, there's no need to vote for her - she's running unopposed.

But the Republican primary is hotly contested. And Michigan law lets anyone - including independents AND Democrats - vote in the Republican primary. This means there's a great opportunity, as we say above, for us to make mischief!

So why should Dems and indies vote Romney? After his victory in New Hampshire, the press has declared John McCain the Republican front- runner. Meanwhile, Mike Huckabee, who won in Iowa, looks poised to do well in South Carolina, which hosts the next primary after Michigan.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney desperately needs to win Michigan in order to keep his campaign afloat. And the more Republican candidates who are fighting it out, trashing each other with negative ads and spending tons of money, the better it is for the Democratic candidates, of course! In other words, we want Mitt to stay in the race, and to do that, we need him to win in Michigan.

So Michigan Democrats and independents who want to see the Republican battle royale continue should just take a few minutes on Tuesday, January 15th to cast a ballot for Mitt Romney in the Republican primary. And don't feel bad or awkward about doing so - the Republicans have done things just like this many times in the past. What's more, if Michigan Republicans didn't want Dems or indies to vote in their primary, they could have changed the rules. But they didn't, so here we are.

Again, if you've got friends in Michigan, send this e-mail along to them. If you don't, send it to all of your friends and relatives who want to see the Republicans booted out of the White House this year - they might know some folks in Michigan. And heck, if you live in Michigan yourself, then definitely vote Romney in the primary!

Remember, the message is simple: The more Republican candidates who remain in the race, the better it is for the Democratic candidates. And Mitt Romney is much likelier to stay in the race if he wins the Michigan primary. Democrats and independents can help make this happen - by voting for Mitt!

Good luck, and to victory in November!

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Markos Makes Me Feel Dirty

I don't live in Michigan, so it's not so much an issue for me, but I can't say I'm a fan of this kind of tactic. I know, the Republicans have done dirty things, too. And I know that being holier than thou doesn't win elections. But, if Republicans were doing this to Democrats I'd be royally pissed off. I'm not one to harp on about being hypocritical ("foolish consistency" and all that), but if I'm going to violate my own principles, I at least want something to come of it. And, IMHO, this strategy doesn't have much of a chance of affecting anything.

Now, I don't actually have any problem with Democrats voting in the Republican primary, or vice versa. If the state allows it, then having a chance to help choose the least bad candidate from the other party is fabulous. But cynically voting for the guy who's most likely to cause trouble, even if he'd be a terrible president is just lame.

Then again, I'm not really a party guy. If you're a democrats-at-any-cost kind of person, then I guess this makes perfect sense.

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I do vote in MI, and I've seen this plea before. I'm very, very conflicted.

I'm not a Dems-at-any-cost guy. The balkanization along party lines is not beneficial to a representative democracy, IMHO. My plan is to vote "uncommitted" in the dem primary, as a protest against MI moving their primary up w/o permission from either party and effectively disenfranchising me (and the rest of MI voters).

Unfortunately, Republicans seem to be better at underhanded gray-area tactics like this than the lefties. And I certainly favor the idea of Barack in the White House over any of the current republican candidates. But is it worth it to me to vote for Romney, who I dearly, dearly hope comes nowhere near the presidency? I just don't know.

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A little history in Michigan regarding such a tactic:

In 1972, Republican voters in Michigan decided to make a little mischief, crossing over to vote in the open Democratic primary and voting for segregationist Democrat George Wallace, seriously embarrassing the state's Democrats. In fact, a third of the voters (PDF available in above link) in the Democratic primary were Republican crossover votes. In 1988, Republican voters again crossed over, helping Jesse Jackson win the Democratic primary, helping rack up big margins for Jackson in Republican precincts. (Michigan Republicans can clearly be counted on to practice the worst of racial politics.) In 1998, Republicans helped Jack Kevorkian's lawyer -- quack Geoffrey Feiger -- win his Democratic primary, thus guaranteeing their hold on the governor's mansion that year.

With a history of meddling in our primaries, why don't we try and return the favor. Next Tuesday, January 15th, Michigan will hold its primary. Michigan Democrats should vote for Mitt Romney, because if Mitt wins, Democrats win. How so?

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1 important point

your democratic vote didn't count either way as the party stripped michigan of delegates in response to the new date. edwards and obama took themselves off the ballot in protest as well. hillary's win was essentially symbolic... sadly of the fact that she wouldn't take her name off the ballot. too bad too, as i would have loved to have reported kucinich taking the state.

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i live in michigan, but

i live in michigan, but missed the vote.

fuck 'em