I serve at the pleasure of the President

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Why goodbye? Is that a chicken thing or a gonzo thing or just a general eulogy? That Gonzo sure loves chickens. Hunter S. Thompson sure loves gonzo.

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don't sully a muppet's good name with that asshat.

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Aw yeah..we be POSTIN' up in this bitch.

I have nothing of substance to add.

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It's the Attorney General with his arm around the Democrats that decided to vote for the Patriot Act. . . Oh and the War. . .(yes, I know that was under a different Atty. Gen.).

I cannot, with a clear conscience, vote for anyone that allowed themselves to be bullied into catering to irrational public fears like that. That is not stateesmanship. I mean I might have to anyway, but I'm gonna have to scrub myself real good afterwards.

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As for me...

I can't stop thinking about how much I want that burgundy suit. That's sharp.