Q1 and the numbers

Q1 and the numbers

So the numbers are in for first quarter fundraising numbers are in and I just wanted to spew some more thoughts about the current field:

McCain – Poor showing for the moneys, Kerry may have ended his chances for winning the primary.

Rudy – He will not get the nomination because of this and this.

Romney - While he certainly raised a decent share of cash; he, like McCain & Rudy, does not have a broad appeal to the primary voting base.

Huckabee – He’s really disappointed me. I figured he would have easily capitalized off his initial buzz when he was doing the Sunday talk show circuit. There are rumors he may drop out to run for the AR Senate seat.

Gingrich – He’s my new sleeper candidate. I think he did wonders for his potential when he was on James Dobson’s radio show and made and apology in Spanish. I think that he’s the only one that a majority of republicans can rally around.

Obama – Way to send a message by essentially raising more money than Clinton.

Clinton – I think a lot of her inevitability factor was just shattered for the reasons above. Edwards – I think his chances have diminished because of the new race for the earliest

Gore – Still my pick for the nomination. Things are lining up for Gore to step into the race late (October) and win the nomination.

I have nothing to say about the rest of the field at this point.


Wadsbone – Can we get the images fixed on the front page.

Jeaun = my new political blog until you fools decide to start posting again

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wadsbone's picture

Gingrich v. Gore?

Gingrich v. Gore? That'd be sooo Spring Break '93.

I wouldn't mind seeing Gingrich get the republican nomination. I may be totally wrong about this, but he seems like a more respectable variety of republican than what we've had to endure lately.

As for Gore, I'm skeptical that he'd get the nomination unless we have some kind of serious ecological disaster in the next year. I think Gore's chances are proportional to the rise in sea level. He should be hoping for a giant chunk of Antarctic ice to slide into the sea.

Also, images fixed? What images are broken?

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A couple of things, some related, some not so much

Gingrich v. Gore would SO be Spring Break '93. I do, however, agree with Jason's assessment that Gore's success is likely (and amusingly) dependent on a declining environmental state.

AND BY THE WAY. I did actually watch this movie An Inconvenient Truth or whatever. Did anyone else think it was a waste of time? Because I did. And I really, REALLY don't appreciate the sentiment that I had to feel twisting my innards for most of the second half of the film: "Well, you know, if I had been elected president, then things would be different." I want to say it's irresponsible politics, but I think it would be better for me to say that it's quite possibly a form of cruel and unusual punishment to force feed an idea so fundamental (i.e., "if things had happened differently, then they'd be different now") down a person's throat for longer than two minutes. And to do it under the guise of information dissemination. Hm. Am I being unreasonable or did anyone else feel this?

I don't think I've ever seen anything funnier than Rudy Giuliani in drag, or anything more despicable than Newt apologizing in Spanish. Anyone else feel a little nausea over that?

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but I play a tough guy on TV

Your notion of Gingrich not being so bad is a bit off the mark. Gingrich (while politically brilliant) is one heaping pile of shit both personally and professionally. I think Newt is likely running for VP - he wants to be the next Cheney. Though, do not underestimate him in the primaries. Terp-Newt's Spanish was vomitous; however, it was smart politics. It didn't win any support among the Spanish speakers of the ol' USA, but it did impress the Republican Base-and that's what matters in the primaries.

I'm curious to see how a possible run by fake NYC District Attorney, Fred Thompson may actually play out. Remember, he was the guy Bush picked to help Chief Justice Roberts through the nomination process. Maybe he's got the backing of the WH.

Maybe Gore won't run for President.

Interesting profile of Obama's right hand man who is also Daley's right hand man in the NY Times magazine from 1 April 2007.