Straw Poll

Straw Poll

Just want to throw out some stuff that's been on my mind. I know it's early but the race for the 2008 nomination has gotten into full swing. I feel like going ahead and throwing out my predictions right now. Besides, jeaun has been too quiet.

Republican Presidential Nominee: Mike Huckabee

Democratic Presidential Nominee: Albert Gore
Democratic VP Nominee: Barack Obama

However, I would also like to predict the VP Nominee for the following candidates:

1. Joe Biden will ask Mark Warner
2. Wes Clark will ask Barack Obama
3. Hillary Clinton will ask Mark Warner
4. Chris Dodd will ask Barack Obama
5. John Edwards will ask Wes Clark
6. Bill Richardson will ask Barack Obama
7. Tom Vilsak will ask Wes Clark

I'm not including Kucinich because he is not serious as a candidate.

Tell me why I'm wrong.

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Some sentences without cohesion on topics political:

- There's no way the Dem. nominee is going to be anybody other than Barack, Al or Hillary.
- I think Obama (if nominated) might ask Wes Clark, actually.
- Hillary is the biggest liability of any of these candidates and we should be real careful with nominating her.
- If she runs against Guiliani (and she very likely will) she'll get peaced, because they both have a similar social issues profile, and RG has better talking points and crowd skills.
- Guiliani is one of the most dangerous guys in politics. It's especially creepy the way that he polls sort of decently with liberals outside of NYC. He's a very bad (facist) bad bad man - and if you ask most NYr's they'll tell you that.
- I'd vote for Bloomberg, by contrast, in a hot minute.
-Rellie Rel's dream ticket, however, is exactly the one you predict Goffman.