This car needs a name.

This car needs a name.


Wadsbone and I bought a Scion xA, and we're having trouble coming up for a name. Not having a name is not an option. Here are the ideas we've had so far:

1. 1/2 Ton Mouse
2. Titus Andronicus (aka Ass and Tittus)
3. Professor Nubbins
4. The Abstract Concept of Hubris

Obviously, we could use some help. What we're looking for is something we can add -mobile to and have it still sound cool.

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goff's picture

holden beach thinks...

live from holden beach...

tiny tim
pink bear
the impudence!

Alec Eiffel's picture

Say it's a 12 oz. Mouse reference.....

...because I salute those.

I also like:

"Jesus Carst"
"Chester Gay Arthur Sultzberger Jr."

wadsbone's picture

It is a 12 oz. mouse

It is a 12 oz. mouse reference. I'm also considering "Night Moves" (season 1, episode 2). That name comes with its own Bob Seger theme song.

sundaykofax's picture

double that

As it turns out, the XA is more of a one-ton mouse than a half-ton mouse.

I think we're going to end up calling it a couple of things, most of them including the word 'mouse'.

A few years ago, Joe Mohan and I separately came up with Modest Mouse on Mars Volta, and I secretly think that in my head when I think about the car. The problem is, Wads doesn't like the idea of using something that is a band name or someone's cat (Professor Nubbins).

goff's picture

actual weight

2340 Curb Weight MT
2380 Curb Weight AT

thought I don't know what the difference between the MT and AT weights.

wadsbone's picture

I assume MT is manual

I assume MT is manual transmission and AT is automatic. This one's a manual, so I guess it's a little bit lighter.

Alec Eiffel's picture

Incorrect, sorry.

Don't mean to be a stickler but:

MT, according to the training program at the American Automotive Regulatory Bureau, means:

"MT is a designation given to automobiles with pre-cycled transmission / carburetor torque ratio.


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Dude, I totally believe you.

Dude, I totally believe you. That site was clearly created by a REAL businessman.

Alec Eiffel's picture


Are you in Classachusetts yet?

sundaykofax's picture

Try Awesomachusetts

We are here. We've been here for one week. Today was my first day of work. I'm going to rock that shit. Oh, and. My boss is a shark.

Anonymous's picture

A few more

A few more suggestions:

-Ol' Stinky Britches Jones
-The Rza
-Nipsey Russel
-Ken Burns
-The Franklin Mint
-The Damned Swede [with apologies to John Hodgman]
-Alan Greenspan
-Mighty Mite
-Frank Black
-Dr. T. Firebritches Gladstock

sundaykofax's picture


I like Alan Greenspan, because my parents have a beagle named John Edwards. Perhaps next we can get a cat and call it Warren Buffet. And then the cat can sit on the Grinnell board of directors.

Anonymous's picture

-Uncle Snooge

-Uncle Snooge

Graver's picture

improper combos

immodest mouse
mouse volta