Hells yeah

Hells yeah

crazy chipmunk

So, Kucinich is running for president again? This is awesome. He's my favorite candidate of all time... with Jello Biafra and Ed Begley Jr. supporting you, how could you be wrong? Plus, he's got some of the coolest policies I've ever heard. Including repealing the PATRIOT act, ratifying the Kyoto accord and a whole bunch of others.

The thing is.... he's too cuddly to win the presidency. Though he is cuddly in a way that when your back is turned, he might scamper up your leg and go after your throat, chittering madly as his little teeth sink in.

Remember when they had a contest to get him a date? That was awesome.

I doubt he's got a snowball's chance in the oven. I've gotta say though, after seeing his new wife, you gotta wonder... maybe he will be able to seduce the American electorate.
A picture of a butt.

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I think a red-headed wife is

I think a red-headed wife is just what he needs to push him over the top this time. And his web site uses the same software that jeaun does. That ought to give him a leg up on the competition.

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not just a redhead

She's apparently also a peace-pole strokin' British astrologist.