Simple Economics

Simple Economics

Bush Doing The Robot

Me: Excuse me, sir? Could you take this and carry it 4000 miles over an ocean and deliver it directly to a person you've never met?

USPS: Certainly, sir, that'll be 84 cents.

Me: How much for you to do the robot?

USPS: That'll be five thousand dollars.

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goff's picture

To the right

There's a BoDeans concert going on just to the right of POTUS.

e lo's picture

Good day to you both.

Good day to you both.

Tim's picture

There's gold in them there caves!

Your son is a witch. . .

But there's no documentation! . . .

No seriously, he may just look like he's picking his nose on the left there, but he is using mind-control powers on the President of the Unted States.