Find the Bands

Find the Bands

There are 75 in total....

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Here's a Few of Them

  1. White Zombie
  2. Dead Kennedys
  3. Guns and Roses
  4. Scissor Sisters
  5. Smashing Pumpkins
  6. White Snake
  7. Sex Pistols
  8. Rolling Stones
  9. The B-52s
  10. Led Zeppelin
  11. The Eagles
  12. Alice in Chains
  13. Matchbox 20
  14. The Eels
I made a nounatron page for the list. The link to edit it is on the bottom right, and the password for editing is still HomestyleBeans. Don't tell the spammers.

Who can come up with the best fake band name from the picture?
My first entry is The Pink Dildo Guns of Victorian England or PiDGVE for short.

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15. The Pixies 16. Spoon 17.

15. The Pixies
16. Spoon
17. Iron Maiden
18. 50 Cent
19. Black Flag

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I missed the Pixies!

20. U2
21. Cornershop
22. The Postal Service
23. The Beach Boys
24. Cowboy Junkies
25. The Black Crowes
26. Radiohead
27. Crowded House
28. The Cranberries

These might be a stretch:
The Streets
The Talking Heads (The TVs in the shop window)
The Blues Brothers (Seems too obvious, and only arguably a band)

There a few things that must be bands, but I'm not getting right away:
The Smiley Balls
Stuffed Ankylosaurus
Queen Shoots Prince
Lesbians on a Pole
Yellow Bald Loiterer
Purple Building
Giant Monkey Attack
Color Boards
Cool Melons
Street Fish
Chinese Acrobats
Trick Seal Poster
Blonde Bubblegum Balcony
Roof Carpenters
Blurry Pink-Shirt Dude
Spilled Trash
Trees On a Hill
3 Chicks From the Sixties
The Mary Painting
Sticks on a Grate
Spilled Skittles
Pile o' Drumsticks
Pink Sky in Morning
August 21, 2006

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More on Nounatron

There are more changes on nounatron that I didn't see.

The Smiley Balls == The Lemonheads
Stuffed Ankylosaurus == Dinosaur Jr.
Giant Monkey Attack == Gorillaz
Trick Seal Poster == Seal
The Mary Painting == Madonna
August 21, 2006 == Green Day

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Queen Shoots Prince...

... has been driving me nuts. It is now declared on nounatron to be "Queen and Prince." I find this deeply unsatisfying. I mean, she's POINTING REVOLVERS at him! That surely expresses a degree of relationship between those two icons beyond "the one exists and the other one also exists."

I, of course, have got nothing.

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I think those revolvers,

I think those revolvers, being phalli as they are, are just the Sex Pistols.

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The Pink Dildo Guns of Victorian England

That's one of many details of that thing that leaves me feeling dissatisfied with America. I'm afraid we may have to accept that it's simply the inevitable result of the Queen, the Prince, and the Sex Pistols meeting in a dark alley.

Alternatively, that represents my new band, The Pink Dildo Guns of Victorian England.

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Complete Image

Is now up....The one from the Virgin web site was cropped on the left. Check out "Pet Shop Boys," "Cake" and "Skinny Puppy."