So there's some big-time flamenco happening at the HW Library on August 10 (at 8) and August 11 (7:30) I've seen Edwin before - the guy is pretty amazing. Pedro and Ricardo are both supurb guitarists as well. 30 beans is pretty rough, though, and it looks like the good seats are even more in New York on the 9th. Might be worth it if you have a lady to impress or are looking to class it up for a night - the show will be great. I'm going to attach a .jpg of the flyer and see if it turns up.

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additional info for the unrich

On the 15th, it looks like Entresueno will be doing a smaller show at Rumba for 10 bucks, which might be more in everyone's price range. That's definitely going to require a reservation so if anyone's interested in going to that lemme know well ahead of time or give the place a call now. That's also where the post party is after the performance on the 11th.

My info is coming from The Flamenco Arts Center, which has a lot of info about other local acts and workshops for those interested.