Gil Mantera @ The Hideout

Gil Mantera @ The Hideout


Gil Mantera's Party Dream is playing tonight at The Hideout as part of an Audio Eagle Records showcase. Get it while it's hot!

Audio Eagle Records showcase:

Doors open @ 8:30
Beaten Awake @ 9:00
Houseguest @ 9:45
Gil Mantera's Party Dream @ 10:30

Dance party w/ DJ Matt Shields @ 11:30

21 and over

$10 at the door. Online tickets are sold out, but more tickets are
available at the door.

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wadsbone's picture

Sorry I didn't get back to

Sorry I didn't get back to you, Tim. No, I didn't go, and I didn't know about the Bobby Conn show at the Empty Bottle. Did you go to either of them?

Other than the Good Friday show that I saw with you, I only saw Bobby Conn once, about 6 years ago in New Orleans. The show featured Bobby Conn, his violinist (Monica BouBou?), and a CD of the rhythm sections of the songs. It was a good show, but it was no Party Dream.

Anonymous's picture

I ended up going to the Gil

I ended up going to the Gil Mantera show - which was alright. There hasn't been much in the line of new material in the last few shows to which I went. hey're really getting a following though - the Hideout was pretty crowded.