Live The Medow

Live The Medow

For those of us not burying hooker corpses or drinking margaritas poolside (ah, vacation), Jason's Flickr now features Las Vegas debachery, in visual form.


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memorable quotes

Well I hope everyone had at least as good of a time as I did... Here are some of my more favorite quotes from the festivities:

"It's the star trek bar for jingoistic bigots"

"1!2!3! GO!"

"That was 20 dollars well spent!"

"I love your work"

"My stripper name is Star Trek!"

"I'm down at old faithful"

"I am the most nasty one here"

"Do you think she is a hooker?"


"Wouldn't it be awesome if we could shoot skeet right here off the balcony with machine guns?.... and wear totally inappropriate safety gear while doing it like galoshes, hockey helmets, and Gore-Tex?"

"I love roulette"

"I hate roulette"

"This one has to be the groom"

"So how much do you think we all spent last night?"

"I have my dinner budget down to 3 dollars"

"Did you see the midget?"

"O'Sheas is awesome!"

So many more I cannot even think of. I dont know how any of you went to work yesterday. I almost fell asleep in a meeting today and that was after taking it all kinds of easy yesterday.

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"Go sit in the bathroom. Take this tape-recorder..."

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"I just don't know how to con

"I just don't know how to conduct myself."

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quotable potables

Ooh, I've got one.

Colin returns from shooting at a paper target with a Tommy Gun and shows us the large, bullet-riddled sheet.

JAKE: They should've put someone's face on the target. A black guy's face.

[Guilty chuckles and groans make their way through the group. DUNHAM stares at JAKE and shakes his head in an admonishing manner.]

WADSBONE: Too soon, Jake. Too soon.

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Wow, looks like a damn fine rockin' time. When did that happen?

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rockin would be an understatement


inebriation+strippers+gambling = Awesome

"The big print giveth and the small print taketh away"