Oh Grandaddy, We Hardly Knew Ye

Oh Grandaddy, We Hardly Knew Ye

So maybe none of you care, but one of my favorite bands is evidently done after their next album release in May

True, given the date of this it seems like old news. Pour a little love out for Grandaddy. It might be a good thing. Maybe the group will mushroom into like 3 or 4 awesome bands.

I guess they won't be at Pitchfork this summer. I'm having trouble understanding why bands I like don't get the fact that they have to put out music until I die and then they can break up. Do you guys find bands ignoring your narcissistic worldview as well? What punks!

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wadsbone's picture

Stupid Grandaddy, stupid Pixi

Stupid Grandaddy, stupid Pixies, stupid Dismemberment Plan, stupid Speed of Sauce...

Bands are assholes.

Colin's picture

And then there are the dead ones

Stupid dead Jimi Hendrix, stupid dead Lennon. Why the hell do these people have to die? We should really get to work on growing clones of current rock n' roll bands ala the movie "The 6th Day" so that they can play music for us when we're old.