I have photos

I have photos

For those of you that aren't plan-centric, which is all of you, I've been posting and captioning photos since July. Not on Jeaun-gallery, mind you, but on Snapfish. username is bryandunham at hotmail dot com, pw is india. Prepare for the amazement.

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Pics look good, Bryan. Makes me sad that I'm never in Chicago, and so haven't been there for any of 'em.

Speaking of plans, do they still exist? In what form?

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After they got rid of Vax Plans some 2001 kids make a new web-based version to replace it. This was kept going until 2003 when the college became nervous about liability for content posted there and kicked it off their servers. It was off for about 2 weeks until a private home was found. It's been there since under the URL www.grinnellplans.com. Any current or former student is eligible. Others are technically not allowed but are easy to sneak in. I currently use it half as a 'what's up in Chicago', half as a 'wha't new with the Grinnellaspora from approximately my year', half as a 'witticism junction'. I read maybe one or two current student plans.

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I've got a plan but I use it for lurking more than contributing. It's pretty slick little thing they've got though. [BEIHL00]