Unos Libros para el Flankmont

Unos Libros para el Flankmont

You can netflix pretty much anything these days. Me, I'm trying the netflix for audiobooks, which I will henceforth call "bookflix," in cool defiance of both etymology and trademark.

The pipeline is: they send me books on CD, I rip the CDs to mp3, send the CDs back, and put the mp3s on my portable music device for consumption at my convenience.

The digital books are now available on my exposed flank, under Audiobooks. I've just started with this jeaun, so the selection is still a bit limited. Also, I've so far been biased towards books that lend themselves to listening rather than reading, so the overall quality of content on the virtual shelf is probably only a split pube north of supermarket checkout aisle.

I'm taking requests. Let me know via post-response if there's anything you'd like made available. Fulfillment time would be a little over a week, unless your suggestion sucks.

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I've got a crapload of audiob

I've got a crapload of audiobooks and radio dramas on my exposed flank under ebooks... the Hitchhiker's Guide stuff is really good.

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I don't know which bookflix s

I don't know which bookflix service you're using, but if it's Simply Audiobooks (the original bookflix for audio books) they give free service upgrades when members post links to the homepage from their site/blog.

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I think you mean "entymology."

Graver's picture

more likely

more likely he means ontomology

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confused person

What is ontomology.

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I think he meant ontology

I think he meant ontology

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or perhaps onomatopology C

or perhaps onomatopology

Crom laughs at your four winds. . .

and your diminutive genitals.

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He was clearly referring to analphabetapolothology by Cap'n Jazz, which is an excellent book.