well after almost 4 years of bitching about the midwest, i'm finally out of here.

i got a job as a news producer for kcal9/cbs2 in los angeles. ollie and i leave on friday morning to move to california. it pays well and i'm really *really* excited. i don't have a place yet, but will be staying with my friend tony and should have a home by november. (which is frighteningly not that far away...)

meanwhile, my digits have changed. they're now 310-804-2923. for some reason, when my phone is turned off, it doesn't go to voice mail. so if you need me, email.

and if by any chance, any of you are in grinnell on friday morning, maybe we can have a coffee. figured i'd show the boy where mommy went to college.


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Life In LA

Congratulations, Lizz. I'm glad to hear that you're finally out of your parent's house.

So, how many boob jobs do you think you'll get in the first year?

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Gone Savage...

...For teenagers with automatic weapons and boundless love ?

Congrats Lizz. Welcome to the dusty old Beta deck we call TV News. So what kind of stuff are you working on specifically? Is it a nightly broadcast?

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Stay classy

[Insert L.A. joke here]

Congrats, Lizz.

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i am going to los angeles to

i am going to los angeles to write a screenplay about lovers who murder each other. i am going to los angeles to see my own name on a sign, 5 feet long and luminous. i am going to los angeles to make out with justin theroux and make web pages about bears who swim in valley pools.

no boob jobs, only lipo... and maybe a little botox if it's covered under the viacom health plan.

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Drinking in L.A.

Neato. Man. That's even cooler than Champaign. Damn it. You win.

Good luck getting yourself set up!

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Congrats, Lizz. Don't be a stranger to The Jeaun like I have been since moving across town to a different house in Ann Arbor.

LA is rock, as long as you can get past the air that you can't see through.

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where i'm living/about to liv

where i'm living/about to live/staying the air isn't so bad. i'm moving to los feliz, on winona [insert joke here]. (it's right off the hollywood hills and in the shadow of griffith park and the planetarium that is often featured in various movies...) currently staying about 3 minutes away in los feliz with my friend tony and his lovely dog roofis, who has taken quite a shine to my boy oliver. work is awesome and i'm often in charge of http://www.cbs2.com/ as the day progresses and i put local news on the web. so far no bears in valley swimming pools but a handful of crack and pcp murders. and an elephant's boot.

all in all i really like l.a. lots of good hiking, very good indian food, nice job, nice peeps. seen a fair amount of rock and roll, including most recently, rogge's band the monolith, which is fantastic. i highly recommend. kind of reminds of the new pornographers and belle and sebastian with a slight hint of air or maybe stereolab minus the eurotrash element. quite possibly one of the first bands i've known someone in that i would listen to if i had known no one.

and now i have somewhere to go as pregnant britney spears for halloween!!