The Hold Steady @ the Empty Bottle

The Hold Steady @ the Empty Bottle

Location:The Empty Bottle, Chicago
Word has it they almost killed me. $8

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ade's picture


My favorite band in the universe since DPlan broke up. They've very nearly killed me on several occasions and I consider myself a diehard member of The Hold Steady Crew. Interested parties should grab 'em from my exposed flank or email me for a sweet link.

Last time they were here I all but implored Craig to play the Empty Bottle next time they came through, so if I could I'd like to take a large percentage of credit for what is sure to be a fanspasmic rocknroll event. I'm buying my tickets now since they're quite the media darlings lately and it may sell out quickly.

Graver's picture


Just a guess... but I'm thinking the show isn't really at 2pm.

what's the actual? And I assume that you'll not be going to grinnell till friday?

ade's picture

Departure time

AE and ChrisK say they're coming in Thursday night. I figured we'd all leave early Friday morning.

sundaykofax's picture


I'll be there.

ade's picture

Tickets? Done got.

wadsbone's picture

how many?

How many tickets did you get? Should I get more? Because I would like to be almost killed.

ade's picture

only 2

I just covered me and KB.

sundaykofax's picture

next 2

Wads - I've got you covered, both figuratively and literally.