BONG BOng BONg Bong, Bong BONg BONG BOng

BONG BOng BONg Bong, Bong BONg BONG BOng

While I was walking to work yesterday, I heard churchbells ringing. I had never thought about the fact that so many churches use the same tune, and wondered why that little ditty is so widespread. After a bit googling, I discovered that the tune was composed by one William Crotch in 1793. It's based on the aria I know that my Redeemer Liveth from Handel's Messiah. It was composed for the new clock chimes at Great St. Mary's in Cambridge, England.

Interestingly, there are even words to the tune:

Lord through this hour,

Be Thou our guide

So, by Thy power

No foot shall slide

Here's Varg Vikernes to balance out all this church talk. He enjoys burning churches and stabbing humans. He's not afraid to use that club.


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Nice job portraying the tune

Nice job portraying the tune of the bells by upper and lowercased letters.

It's also the chime on my grandmother's clock. Waaay back in my brain is a song about the bells of different churches. I'd have to look it up in my Girl Scout Counselor Song Book at home. neerd.

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That guy's name is


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Crotch. Bill Crotch.

Another word for "crotch" is "central pork-piece".