Why is Pubic Hair Curly?

Why is Pubic Hair Curly?


  • ...it captures pheremones and gets all sexy stinky.
  • ...it acts as a sort of lubrication to prevent chafing during hot, skin-on-skin action.
  • ...androgens make the pubic hair follicles flat, which makes for kinky hair.
  • ...it indicates that you're ripe for breeding.
  • ...if it was straight, it would poke your eye out.


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Colin's picture


I might be giving something away here, but what does it mean if all your pubic hairs are in the shape of pretzels?

wadsbone's picture


...pretzels? I guess it means you taste good with beer.

Colin's picture


I think edible hot mustard oil would be better, but you're right, I taste damn good with beer.