Bob Dobalina

Bob Dobalina

There's a song called Mistadobalina by Del Tha Funky Homosapien, that references someone named "Bob Dobalina". I tried to do a google search to find some information on the guy, but all I could find was this site which explained it as a reference to Bob Dobbs of The Church of the SubGenius. Naturally, that means that Del is either a discordian or an illuminati agent.

Has anyone else ever heard of this guy? I find the SubGenius story to be a little fishy.

Bob Dobbs

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So Del humiliated and dissed

So Del humiliated and dissed an innocent person? What an ass.

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Score a direct hit

In the movie "Honeymoon in Vegas" there is an airport scene where you can hear them page Bob Dobalina

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Right! China Clipper


China Clipper calling Alameda.

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Bob Dobalena

Try spelling it this way and you'll note that it's from a nonsense song by the Monkees (and yes, I can remember it).

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I totally remember the Church

I totally remember the Church of the Sub-Genius and how J.R. Bob Dobbs will save my soul. I was way into that stuff back around the time I first discovered Give Me Convenience...

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Church of the Sub Genius

Hamburgers for Wotan?

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What About Bob...

...Dobalina? Have you ever heard of that jeaun?

I've got a book of SubGenius propoganda at home that Dave Herman gave to me back at Grinnell. I'm going to look for some Dobalina references in there tonight.

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"Bob" is coming. Subgenius w

"Bob" is coming. Subgenius would be bigger than christianity if it was easy to explain.

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Místər Who?

I think its been sampled, that name, its robotically repetitive against breakbeat hip-hop, the dudes imaginary.

Also in this very cool track ->

Torpedo Bootz - "Are You Jazzing To Me?"